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Friday, March 31, 2006


In Mar.28 Worried's post "President Roosevelt -1939; More pertinent..." in the paragraphs following a quote in red by Aristotle, a brief discussion about our economical and employment situation and governmental distortion of facts.

Regarding that portion of the post, our friend and reader Progressive Traditionalist submitted this informative link:

Contrarian Chronicles
The Numbers Behind the Lies; by Bill Fleckenstein (MSN Money)

"Economist John Williams says 'real' unemployment and inflation numbers - figured the old fashioned way - may be 2 or 3 times what the government admits. Here's why, and what it means for Social Security..."

More on Hatred and Intolerance

This time I'll let a professional do the writing. An interesting article by Dave Pollard at Salon.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

BBC E-mail: Aborigine singer 'left for dead'

** Message **

** Aborigine singer 'left for dead' **
A renowned indigenous Australian singer says she was ignored for five hours after collapsing at a busy bus stop. Man beside her merely moved his briefcase; girls ignored her as did passersby .
< > ;

** Disclaimer **
The BBC is not responsible for the content of this e-mail, and anything written in this e-mail does not necessarily reflect the BBC's views or opinions. Please note that neither the e-mail address nor name of the sender have been verified.

Jill Carroll - A More Recent Report

This is from CNN.

Jill Carroll

-- American hostage Jill Carroll, kidnapped in Iraq January 7, has been released, the FBI and The Christian Science Monitor say.

The Illustrious Law Career of Fred Phelps

PT asked on Worried American's earlier post what we knew about Fred Phelps and his former career as an attorney. It certainly wasn't included in the puff piece on his website.

Click on the title for a link to Wikipedia. I can't guarantee the accuracy but it contains several links to other articles.

I'll go back and read the whole thing at some point but evidently he was indeed disbarred and, at the time, was infamous in Kansas. It was over 20 years ago or maybe more.

Hypocrisy and the Armed Services.

My son Tim (Jim is the Nat'l Guard son - Tim is gay) just sent me an email with a clipping from Yahoo News with a little message about hypocrisy. I called him to ask which part of the article offended him the most and he read to me:

The Army is America. We are America's sons and daughters. America's sons and daughters are getting tattoos. That means that American soldiers are getting tattoos," said Lt. Col. Bryan Hilferty, an Army spokesman at the

"The Army is continuing to update our personnel policies. We have people who are otherwise qualified who want to serve and who have answered the call to duty," Hilferty added, and it made no sense to continue to bar them from serving.

So I'm not encouraging anyone, gay or straight, to run right down to the recruiting office but I see his point. What makes him less qualified than his brother. Only his sexual orientation. How can they say that with a straight face and continue with "don't ask, don't tell".

Obviously, they're becoming more desparate. They keep lowering their "standards" and pushing recruitment by any means necessary. As far as I know, Tim has never shown any interest in the military but if he had, he'd be excluded. He's right, they're hypocrites.

Click on the title for the article.

I Have Never Seen This Before - Update)

I usually credit the senders of links as a courtesy (and as a reminder that there are many blogs worth reading out there). Some of them are over on the blog roll - others will get there eventually.

In this case, it's anonymous. An online friend sent it to me a few minutes ago and I'm not sure if she wants her name publicized.

It's a map of Iraq but it's also much more than that. Take a look.

Update. My friend Missy just took a look at this post and said no need for anonymity so here is the link to her blog. She's one of the regular visitors and commenters on granny but until now I didn't realize she drops in over here as well.

Thanks Missy for the link.


I Started to Leave a Comment

Then I poured one more cup of de-caf, and here I sit thinking about what WA said so well.

I've said before that for me it's not just an exercise in liberalism, it's personal. I will never understand the people who can meet my younger son and think "fag". He is one of the kindest, most loving people I have known (not just because he's mine). He will probably be the one to care for my girls if I don't stay around long enough to see them grown. I'd trust him with their lives in an instant and I'm glad I live in California, not one of the states who would consider him unfit.

I will never understand the people who see my great-granddaughters and say "nigger". And yes, they've heard it a time or two. I will never understand the hatred in the cold, shrunken hearts of the bigots for three of my grandchildren whose mom was born in Manila. They're all great kids. Why can't people look at kids and just see kids? I don't know. I do know it's passed from generation to generation ( look at Fred Phelps and his "church"). Maybe they need someone "beneath" them to feel superior. They are twisted.

The fanatics who say they hate the sin but love the sinner lie. It's all hatred. The tribe that shows up at the funerals, the talk radio morons, the homophobes here who talk about the love of God in one breath and use hate-filled language with the next are all cut from the same cloth. They are vile and, if there is indeed a God, they are damned.

"Some of my best friends are" (fill in the blank with any word you choose) is one of the most bigoted sentences in the language. It's always followed by "but" and the word "but" reveals the white sheet under the business suit or perky little dress and perfect makeup.

Anyone who denies another person his/her full rights as a citizen because of race, religion, or gender (and that includes all variations of the word - I won't try to list them all) is a bigot. There are no excuses; no good reasons for their actions - they're bigots no matter how reasonable they sound.

They may never beat a person and leave him to die on a fence. They may never murder a transsexual in Alameda County, CA or drag a man to his death in Texas. They won't show up at the funerals of our kids who, no matter what we think of this illegal, insane war, acted in good faith as my older son is doing. They may never bomb a clinic or murder a doctor, for that matter. They may be appalled by the outward, extreme manifestations of bigotry and insist that "we're not like that".

Sorry, folks - you are like that. By your views and your votes (or your apathy), you create a climate where the most extreme flourish. By your tacit acceptance, you are encouraging evil.

Ready for the bad news? You're next. The Reconstructionists and their followers have an agenda that should frighten us all. They're not interested in peaceful co-existence with the Catholics, the Jews, my Methodists (Shrub - you listening?) or anyone else who doesn't toe their line completely. They believe in a theocracy run by them. Women will be consigned to church, children, kitchen - just what the Nazis believed. They will control every aspect of our lives (which of course will be cut short by execution if we displease them). It won't be just me or WA they come after; it will be everyone except them and it will be a reign of terror.

I refuse to believe that it's already too late but we need to wake up and begin taking them seriously for our own sake and for the sake of the generations to follow.


Note to "Take Pause"

You said you've been having blog problems.

Bloglines showed a new post for you and part of the contents but it was not possible to access it. Blank screen only.

Your blog, even the most recent post, seems to be lost to bloglines as well as google. On google, the captions and links show but there's nothing there.

I know you've visited and commented here and this is the only way I have of letting you know something is wrong and you should try again.

Good luck

Ann (I wondered where you'd been)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


This talk about Phelps diverted my train of thought from war and politics to the subject of hate. No politics today; instead, posts on hate and hate crimes, educating ourselves and our children about the haters so they may be prepared to resist negative influences.

Hate comes in all forms and for diverse reasons: sexual orientation, religion, race, looks, physical differences, and for unfathomable reasons (to a reasoning person). The next four posts deal with this subject.

Hate groups are rising in number. As our national situation deteriorates, the economy falters, joblessness increases, citizen unhappiness, anger and disaffection grows, so will the hate groups as people look for targets on which to focus their anger and personal misery. Our government may offer targets, perhaps muslims and people who look Arabic, as Hitler offered up Jews, Poles, Gypsies and other ethnic minorities to the German people. But many will seek and find their own targets, even as they do now.

Children do not always tell their parents about their day and interaction with their peers, and they are very vulnerable to peer pressure. Parents need to teach their children because children might not speak up about the negative influences to which they are exposed. If they do speak, we must be prepared with an answer. When one of my grandchildren was about 8 or 9 years old, he confounded his parents at the dinner table by asking, "Mommy, what's a queer?" He related how a classmate had tagged another child as a fag, and when asked what's a fag had replied scornfully that it was a queer. The child had gone on to admonish the other children not to play with the child tagged as fag, and said they ought to beat him up. The poisoning of young minds often begins early and children need to know how to deal with it, lest they be poisoned also. Many children who do not exhibit an acceptible degree of aggressiveness or macho traits often suffer being tagged as homosexual and subjected to persecution.

Racism is another hate-evil as is religious intolerance. Integration and education has helped a great deal to mitigate the excesses of racism but it still exists. My sister-in-law is a good and decent woman but her religion teaches that only members of her faith will be allowed in heaven. She has taught her children her beliefs and their pain and grief upon their grandfather's death was immeasurably intensified by the thought that their beloved Grandpop was burning in hell. That type of religious intolerance is mild compared to some I've encountered, but it is still destructive.

All hate is destructive, to both the hater and the victim.; Remembering Hate Crime Victims is the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to seeking justice, monitoring hate, and promoting tolerance. To learn more about the Center, you can visit its website,

frontline: assault on gay america | PBS

This is a PBS Frontline Special, the true case, events and commentaries about a young man viciously murdered - throat cut, brutally beaten with an object, then burned on a stack of tires - for being gay. His murderers took the money they stole from him and went on to party.

There are several sites to click on for information. Additional information, quite educational, to be found by clicking on highlights in texts. We adults need to be as informed as posssible so we can educate our children and counteract the hate messages they will receive out in society. Even if one's religious beliefs frown on homosexuality, hate is not acceptible and is also frowned on. No one should hate.

Sigmund Freud believed that many heterosexuals repressed homosexual tendencies. Tests by Dr. Henry Adams of the University of Georgia revealed that individuals who scored in the homophobic range "demonstrate significant sexual arousal to male homosexual erotic stimuli."

As Gadfly would say, "HOOWEE!" Can you imagine Fred Phelps reaction to that?! If the degree of homophobia is related to the degree of repressed homosexual tendencies, he must be.....!!

This a sad story but an educational one. I reccommend it. Hate Groups Proliferate

Hate Groups Increasing; Educate Your Children to Recognize Them and Not Fall Prey to Their Propaganda for Enlistment. We do not like to sully ourselves with even peripheral involvement with these people and organizations but I believe in "know thine enemy," learn about him and how he operates. Protect your children from being sucked in. is the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to seeking justice, monitoring hate, and promoting tolerance. To learn more about the Center, you can visit its website, . Educating Against Racial Bias is the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to seeking justice, monitoring hate, and promoting tolerance. To learn more about the Center, you can visit its website,
educating against racial bias


I have no illicit chemical addictions but I am addicted to a few things and I confess I'm a Space Junkie. I love every thing about space and can't get enough of the explorations and findings of "what's out there." If I could be born into a future real time of a Star Trek Generation I would depart from all I hold dear and precious to me for a chance to board an exploratory starship. The photos of outer space excite me inordinately. I love them. I am utterly fascinated by them.

That said, if anyone is interested in the total eclipse today seen in other parts of the world, click on for news, related articles and sources to view it. Lots of good stuff on there and great links and slide shows. ( When I noted the news on MSN at 2:00A.M. I clicked on link after link, absorbed in the slideshows, then decided to post it. Upon checking the url after posting, it was already gone and a MSN archive search turned up the computer version of "duuuhhh, I don't know what you're talking about." Eventually I found the above site and hope it remains good for more than a few hours. It is "Watch the eclipse on the web," has a total eclipse on video and complete coverage of the event with links to other articles. The slideshow link Month in Space, Suitrat's Space Odyssey leads you to that slideshow. At the end, click on "more space images" for a page with numerous space slideshows. Or TRY to access the url below.) MSN arouses my wrath and is earning my enmity about how quickly they archive then won't let you get to archives.

Another page that can be accessed from the url above but stands alone is with current news but also archives of past space presentations. It offers a variety of really great slide shows of eclipses, space, galaxies, space programs, our neighbor planets and moons in our solar family, and a closeup of the comet the probe hit (looks like a big asteroid to me). Fascinating for adults and educational for children, much more interesting than dry texts and small snaps in a school book. I'm emailing it to non-msn subscribers in my family.

If you're a space junkie, enjoy!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The 9th Ward of New Orleans

Jessie Speer is one our commenters here (not so often lately because she's been occupied with school) but she touches base from time to time here and on granny.

She's in New Orleans now working with a grass roots organization called Common Ground, helping as volunteers in the 9th Ward.

All of her posts (with photos) are worth reading. The link will take you to her account of the 2nd day.

This country needs fewer fat cat politicans and more men and women like Jessie. Jessie, you rock!!


Concerning Granny's post below "They Didn't Show Up Last Time." I am sure that all or most of our blogger friends are familiar with this cruel and evil man claiming to be a minister of the gospel. However, I have been asked about him. My usual answer to some queries is "google it" which is what I did when Granny first told me about him. This time I will post.

Fred Phelps is a homophobe of the worst kind, a hatemonger, and a terrible human being. He is very intelligent, was an attorney at law before being disbarred and is a self proclaimed pastor of his church which is comprised primarily of family members. He is rabidly obsessed with homosexuals and asserts that our military personnel are being maimed and dying as punishment to America for tolerating homosexuals. He praises IEDs and thanks God for them, because they kill and horribly maim so many of our troops. He seems to believe that all other pastors and priests are whoremongers and/or homosexuals also.

He and his flock of family members picket various places but he pays special attention to the funerals of military members who have died in Iraq. They carry large, horrid signs and are loud and abrasive, which is exceedingly distressing to the bereaved. A group of bikers have begun attending the funerals also to stand as a buffer between the bereaved and this lot of idiots.

If you want to learn more about Fred Phelps his addres is but I warn you to prepare yourself for a hot shower with plenty of disinfecting soap before you click on, because you will feel as if you've been covered with filth.

Immediately upon opening his site you will see several titles to click on, one of which is videos.
If you absolutely want to see them, I advise you to wait until last. Once you view a couple you'll head for that shower. I don't think you can stand to watch all of them. He's a raving lunatic but surprisingly enough, has a good speaking voice. Scroll down the page to the bottom (skip all the scriptures and sermonizing) and click on "Enter".

On the next page you'll see two columns. The left one is his schedule of upcoming and past pickets, which he calls "delectable epics". DO NOT click on any of them unless you want your computer contaminated by the download. One of his planned pickets is a prom of gay and straight children. That will just ruin the childrens' dance!
On the right is a list of titles, the contents of which I'm sure he is quite proud, as it includes his bio and - get this- a movie of himself entitled "Fred the Movie"! At the header, if you click on "photos" you'll get a page of photos taken at his various "delectable epics" and you can see exactly how they torment grieving people and what a spectacle they present at gatherings. It is unbelievable. You cannot believe that anyone would be so vile.

If you have managed to go this far without heading for the shower, and if you think you want to see one of those abominations of videos, go back and click on them but you'll be sorry. The hate and twisted mentality displayed is not to be endured. You'll feel like you've been submerged in sewage; I know, I tried a couple but could not view them all.

Make sure the water is plenty hot and you have a good supply of disinfectant soap. You'll need it.





RED STATE MEETS POLICE STATE; 1st Amendment being bullied out of existence?

Reality Check: Comments On Iraq War Ad

"...repeat a lie often enough and people will come to believe it..."

It has worked countless times throughout history, so Bushco and backers believe in using the old tried and true method. Bush does it all the time, repeating the same old lies over and over and over....Now they beat the drum once more to try to win back support for Bush and the GOP. Hear the drumbeats? Thump(9/11), thump(9/11), ...

The truth is that Saddam had nothing to do with the terrorist attack on the US. He did not harbor Osama and followers; he hated Osama and the possible influence his fanatical religious position might have on Iraq's Muslim people, possibly leading to his (Saddam's) own overthrow. He viewed Osama as a threat to his regime. I do not defend the monster that is Saddam, but crucify him for what he did, not for lies to further the Bush regime.

Added Comment: This video briefly addresses a similar song to Bush's, as in the article Granny posted below.

Addition: The Enemy of Our Enemy - Saddam was not a collaborator of Osama; Bush lied and continues to lie.


This address to Congress by President Roosevelt in 1939 is a warning, more pertinent today than it was back then. It is a long read but one I strongly reccommend to anyone disturbed by the trend of our present government. A trend, I might add, that appears to have the aims and goals of the plotters almost completely realized.

If Americans have any hope of saving their nation, now is the time to act with all vigor and purpose. America is burning.

Surely, Americans are busy, their lives a hectic moil of multi-tasking, insufficient time in a day to do all they need to do, running on an endless treadmill just to live. But they must find a few minutes to fight for their country. With elections coming up, this is the time that citizen outrage can have some effect on our elected representatives. This is the time to give support to the few who display a shred of honor and integrity and guts.! It is the time to strike fear in the spineless, fear of losing their positions of power and authority (and opportunities for graft), and perhaps put a little starch in their spines.

"...It is a government by the corporations, for the corporations." Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th president of the USA

That is fascism, a condition our nation is in already. Do the American people act to slow its cancerous growth, or do we allow it to continue until it kills us?

Poster child for corporate fascism

"It is also in the interests of a tyrant to keep his people poor, so that they may not be able to afford the cost of protecting themselves by arms, and be so occupied with their daily tasks that they have no time for rebellion." Aristotle in Politics, J. Sinclair translation, pg. 226, 1962
Courtesy Information Clearing House, Mar. 2006

So what is happening today? On the whole, Americans are steadily becoming poorer. The poor become ever poorer, the middle class is shrinking, and those still able to qualify as middle class find themselves in growing financial straits. Sources for aid or relief are disappearing, thanks to our government.

Many jobs have been outsourced to foreign countries, both white collar jobs, and blue collar as manufacturing and assembly are also moved to overseas. Basic labor and low level service jobs are being taken over by foreigners who will work for lower wages, thus increasing the profit margins for businesses. Impoverished African Americans, other citizen minorities and whites are beginning to stir, angry over their loss of jobs, furious at the propaganda lies that "they take jobs nobody else wants."
This may be true in some fields but is a lie about most other fields of work. Those jobs were once filled by citizen low skilled workers. The government spin doctors publish glowing statistics "proving" that unemployment is low, etc. and it is lies.

Americans are becoming poorer. The government boasts that spending on social services are at an all time high, and yet benefits are being cut more and more.

38 million Americans live in hunger or food insecure households., an increase of 5 million since 2000.

Laws controlling the people grow ever more strict, and more laws are on the books, Contingencies for controlling the people during an "emergency", as defined by the Presidency, include martial law, restrictions on travel, strict IDs, arrest and detention of rebellious or protesting citizens ( who may be labeled "fifth columnists" at the whim of the Presidency). Plans are in place to employ foreign troops and/or mercenaries (called "security contractors", like Blackwater and others) to enforce citizen control. American military and National Guardsmen are expected to be overseas in war zones, and also may be reluctant to use force against citizens.

The totalitarian system is well under way, and what laws the present Presidency doesn't concoct are already in place from previous administrations, who probably never envisioned them being used in current circumstances.

Who said, "...religion is the opiate of the masses...?" Remember? Religion may be the opiate of a large percentage of the citizens, especially as they are deceived by their spiritual leaders, but in our diverse society it doesn't work for all. Religion has a long history of being an effective means of control of the people, from the witch doctors or shamans of the primitive cultures to modern times. Under some regimes apostates or non-believers were tortured and put to death. "Sinners" were executed.

The Religious Right and Reconstructionists have acquired enormous power in our government and their goal is a Nation Under God with the ultimate goal a World Under God - according to their strict Old Testament beliefs and guidelines. If the coming corporate-fascist tyrant government allows them to maintain power - and it probably will, as an added means of population control - we will become a theocracy also, under Old Testament Law. And I guarantee you, you won't like it.

Our government has already sanctioned incarceration without benefit of legal rights, and torture, and secretly even death for accused terrorists or those who give aid to the enemy. Dissenting Americans can be labeled "fifth columnists" and therefore traitors, and be subjected to the same treatment. Combine this with a radical theocracy and we are in deep trouble. Think not? Study the 300 years of the Spanish Inquisition and see how benevolent the church fathers can be. Study Old Testament Law and see what constituted infractions punishable by death.

You don't have time? You don't even have time to read this lengthy post? You think I'm being a Chicken Little running through the barnyard screaming "the sky is falling!"
Check it out. Take time to do some research yourself. Think about it.

Wake up, America. America is burning. And we'll all go down in flames, as will our children.

Bush Magical Mystery Tour

I just thought I was through for the day. I raced through two days of mail and found this article at Common Dreams (the second publication I usually read after the Sun-Times).

I didn't recognize the name of the writer but he can surely write.

Good night again.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Behind on Reading Once Again

I'll try to catch up tomorrow. I took another Saturday off for fun (see granny if you're interested) and foolish things like housekeeping and cooking keep getting in the way of the important stuff like reading 20 newspapers and 15 blogs. Sunday, the world could have ended and I might never have known.

Anyhow, this may be it for the day from me but some people can say in a few words what it might take me half a page or more.

Once again from Chicago Sun-Times Quick Takes - Thanks Zay.

All fun and games

News Item: President Bush signs bill containing McCain anti-torture amendment.

News Item: President Bush quietly issues signing statement saying he has the authority to ignore the amendment.

News Item: President Bush signs Patriot Act renewal.

News Item: President Bush quietly issues signing statement saying he has the authority to ignore the Patriot Act's oversight rules.

In other words: Nyah. Fingers were crossed.

It may be time for Congress to call no crossies.

Be patient. We may be governed someday by grownups again.

They Didn't Show Up Last Time

Fred Phelps and his gang had planned a visit to Turlock last month for the same reasons, different soldier. Nobody showed.

Now it looks like they're trying again. (Turlock, CA is about 25 miles down Hwy 99 from Merced, where I live.)

I don't know whether to be more furious at the death of one more of our kids or these hate-mongers for making a mockery of his service and torturing his family and friends.

I copied this email as it was sent to our local PFLAG group by Equality California, a group who is working for the right of GLBT citizens in California. I printed it here as an example of what some of us are doing here.

I said this before but it may be worth repeating. I have a son in the National Guard and a son who is is gay. I love them equally and that makes these reprehensible actions personal.


Boy, 7, Meets a NIMBY World

NIMBY: I wasn't going to post anything more today but just had to put this one on, with a nod to Granny for her recent NIMBY post.

Boy, 7, Meets a NIMBY World

Steve Lopez
Points West

March 26 2006

The kid's got a healthy appetite. In the span of just a few hours on Wednesday, he devoured helpings of lasagna, chicken, pizza and barbecued pork. When he had wolfed down the shredded pork, he took a straw and drank the pool of grease it had been sitting in.

The complete article can be viewed at:,1,1862585.column?coll=la-util-news-local

Visit at

Should Scalia Recuse Himself From Gitmo Case? - Newsweek Periscope -

This url may not be valid long. MSNBC archives quickly. Scalia shows his colors, commenting publically before a case comes before him, and interjecting personal bias against an accused.


Polls show that the majority of Americans are afraid of Iran, thanks to Bush propaganda. Yet the majority are against war. Bush needs an excuse to rally the public to support what he and neocons decided long ago.



A repeat? It bears watching again

Sunday, March 26, 2006


A Project of the Institute for America's Future

Feingold-Stewart '08?

Two of the most honest voices in American politics get together and talk common sense about holding criminals accountable. Click here to see Jon Stewart interview Sen. Russ Feingold on censure, breaking the law and campaign finance.

[ALSO SEE: A Peculiar Politician;Wm. Greider - the Nation]
[ ]

© 2004 ( Project of The Institute for America's Future )


Worse than a fool. A criminal, psychosocial, megalomaniac, destructive fool. And a Congress of fools.

ApplyRefer v2.3


Malfeasance - the Red Cross. How much more will New Orleans be victimized?


NEGLECT IN NEW ORLEANS -Editorial - the Nation


WHO IS KILLING NEW ORLEANS - Mike Davis - the Nation


BUSH'S NEW STORM - Michael Tisserand - the Nation


Saturday, March 25, 2006


Not only are our troops being brainwashed and deceived by the White House and Pentagon, too many Americans are also either brainwashed, believing every word spoken by the Great Liar and his spin doctors, or too apathetic or resigned to speak up and act.

Governments continue their vendetta against independent and foreign journalists to prevent the truth from being told.

Friday, March 24, 2006


I don't know about all of you, but I think Feingold needs as much encouragement as he can get and some "attaboys". I fired off an email to that effect at . Read his statements. His web page for contact is . I'm not from Wis. but the actions of every Congressman and Senator in Washington directly affect every citizen so I do not limit my emails to the bigwigs from my area; I cheerfully urge, praise, or lambast any one of them. There are quite a number who need lambasting.
If any of you are interested, Sean Maloney is wanting to take legal action about "Fighting Terror AND Protecting Our Rights" (emphasis mine). He recognizes, as do we, that Bush's excuse for violating our rights in the name of fighting terror is just a power grab and is illegal. Bush can fight terror without violating our rights. Ordinarily when I see a blurb to "donate," my red-alert antennae begin to quiver, but in this case, what the heck, I'll give a few bucks. I can't afford much but I'll do anything I can to fight the ruination of my country.

Bring Back the 60's (and 70's)

Fraom Alternet today

The Generosity of the Bush Family

Barbara Bush has donated a sum of money to Katrina victims with the stipulation that it be used for her son Neil's software company. Delilah has the story from the Houston Chronicle along with a few comments of her own.

Since I read that early this morning, I found a link to Muckraker on Josh Marshall which lists investors, including (you guessed it) Neil's parents.

They don't know the meaning of shame.


Bush and the Apocalypse

I sometimes think our leader is certifiable.

He has become the lapdog of the extreme religious right, that we know, and I often think they're certifiable as well.

This is from The Guardian UK reprinted in truthout today.

Where are the Democrats?

Republicans are running vicious ads in Wisconsin, Feingold's home state. Where are his fellow Democrats? Sitting on their hands and whining as usual (except for one or two).

It is beginning to make me sick of my own party.

From TomPaine today.


I don't know what's wrong with Blogger these days. When I was contemplating blogging, I was advised that Blogger was the way to go; it was the best, etc.. I tried a couple more Blog Providers and promptly abandoned them, settled on Blogger. For a good while I had no complaints. Same with Yahoo.

Now, I'm considering divorce!

Granny, I'm not sure exactly how Team Members works. If you can access "Settings," and the blog acts up, change the comment section to NO on word verification. It has done that to me before - the repeated recycling of word verification - and I turned it off for awhile. I have put it on NO for the time being and we'll see if Blogger is cooperating.

I'm still fighting with Blogger about my nomadic sidebars on several of my blogs; they refuse to remain in place and roam all over the pages. Also, the edit posts from the blog, the little pencil, keeps disappearing. Confounded nuisance.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Be All That You Can Be

Yes, I know that slogan is so yesterday.

Richard Roeper's Chicago Sun-Times column today criticizes the Army for omitting one pertinent bit of information from the slickly produced ads.

They fail to mention we are sending these kids off to a sinkhole.

Smenita? Blogger Is At It Again

Some word verification is coming up with "smenita". It's happened before and it took days to fix.

You can't leave a comment when it does that. It will just keep stupidly repeating the same code over and over.

This site was fine a few minutes ago. I'll see if it works now.

Update. I couldn't leave a comment. Check the verification code before you waste time typing. Granny is okay or was a few minutes ago. Strange.

30 minutes later. Granny is acting up too.

Remaining 3 Hostages Freed - Update

From the Toronto Globe today, the three remaining hostages, including 2 Canadians and one British citizen, have been rescued. Tom Fox of the United States was murdered earlier.

Three of them are now safe. That's good news for an early morning.

CNN online has more. I hadn't seen this when I poured my first cup of coffee shortly before six a.m. PST.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Take Up the White Man's Burden

Is this the latest excuse for atrocities?

From Media Matters today.

Bush Bombs in Cleveland

Other bloggers have covered this much better than I. I just haven't had the time to read it all and I try very hard not to listen to him. Maybe I should but I see his face and become either ill, angry, or both.

This seems like a fair assessment of his "performance".

From Common Dreams.

New York Times - Still Pro Choice?

Not according to this article from Alternet. I haven't paid much attention to the Times since they put most of their op-ed writers behind the fire wall. Where are the women, it asks? It gives statistics on the commenters, sex, political persuasion, etc.

Interesting reading.

The Federal Budget and the Poor

We all know how "compassionate" this Administration has been. This story by Rose Aguilar at Alternet shows it from the perspective of personal stories. Food, childcare, AIDS, are all on the chopping block with disastrous results..


America's "favorite spiritual leader" speaks; more words of wisdom from the RR guru.
Can you imagine 10,000 young people, then 250,000 indoctrinated, brainwashed and programmed at Robertson's Regent University to be leaders of tomorrow?

More on Feingold; video and text of censure of Bush

Join Congressman in petition to Impeach Bush.

Censure him? Sure! But then impeach him and Cheney too. Cheney is worse than Bush.

Alternet: Hotel U.S.A.

Bush talks about "guest worker programs" for immigrants, he and Fox are cozy about illegals pouring into the US,;Bush is a participant in the globalization, one world government where national borders would be eliminated. So what's this talk of detention centers for "immigrants?" Is that spelled d-i-s-s-e-n-t-e-r-s?

Hotel U.S.A.

The government's plans for an 'immigration emergency' include relocation and detention centers -- courtesy of Kellogg, Brown and Root.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Corporate America and the Family

On one side, parents working two jobs each to support their families. On the other "successful" people working 10+ hours a day to get ahead (and still probably treading water".

Where does the family fit into all this? Dead last.

The article from Alternet says it well.


Cheers to the Kids

From the Christian Science Monitor today:

Sometimes it seems like all we hear or read is negativity about the "younger" generation, in this case, the teens.

These kids from all over the world are trying to make a difference, one community at a time. They work on the environment, sanitation, hygiene, etc.

Encouraging news for a change in this world.


CA and Diebold Voting Machines

A lawsuit has been filed to stop the purchase of the controversial machines. I know Dolores Huerta is involved but not a lot else yet.

I used to think the machines were a great idea but I've learned better.

I'm glad I vote absentee although that's probably easy enough to corrupt as well.


My friend gadfly uses some of the same news sources as I do (she got them from me) but she has decidedly different interests.

She has posted an article that is sure to arouse the ire of all our ladies and probably most of the menfolks. She doesn't agree with the writer, mind you, she just wanted others to see it and perhaps voice their opinions. It's definitely a get-mad article.

Check it out.

Chuck Baldwin -- Where Is The Religious Right Hiding These Days? The White House says spying on terrorism suspects without court approval is OK. What about physical searches?

Warrantless Eavesdropping, AND warrantless PHYSICAL SEARCHES. A commenter on Dimitri's blog stated she had been STRIP searched at an airport security checkpoint. What's next? Body cavity searches?

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Justices May Further Restrict Domestic Violence Testimony

Justices May Further Restrict Domestic Violence Testimony

By David G. Savage
Times Staff Writer

March 20 2006

WASHINGTON &#8212; The Supreme Court appears poised to make it far harder to prosecute cases of domestic violence when victims are unwilling or unable to testify in court.

The complete article can be viewed at:,0,7146111.story?coll=la-home-nation

We thought that dork would chip away at women's issues. Now battered women and abused children may have to confront their abusers in court, face to face. It is hard enough on women to have to see the man who abused them, but it is very difficult for children to have to face an abuser. Clear and Present Dangers

The New York Times E-mail This

Message from sender:
The Religious Right and Reconstructionists are deep into our government. If they prevail in their goals, women will be reduced to Old Testament status (or as this author says, to Taliban-like roles). Their belief in returning to Old Teastament Law also entails death for sexual "sins", rebellious sons, and "blasphemy", worshipping false gods (any religion, even Christian, that does not follow their exact beliefs). They also believe that since the Old Testament says that God ordained the sons of Ham (black people) to be slaves, slavery would be instituted; whites would also become slaves as punishment for certain offences. Google Christian Reconstructionists and Jewish or Zionist Reconstructionists to see how they tie together in the larger picture.

'American Theocracy,' by Kevin Phillips: Clear and Present Dangers
A former Republican strategist characterizes the movement he helped build as ideologically extreme and dangerously shortsighted.

Most E-mailed
1. Plight Deepens for Black Men, Studies Warn


I'm not surprised Coulter admires McCarthy. Too many similarities mentioned here.

ApplyRefer v2.3

Monday, March 20, 2006

But It's the Little Things That Count

This hug was all over the t.v. a few days ago and it made me want to barf every time I saw it. Now I understand why.

From Zay N. Smith
Chicago Sun-Times Quick Takes

News Item: "President Bush yesterday gave a huge hug to Jason McElwain -- the autistic high school basketball manager in upstate New York who became a national hero when he scored 20 points in four minutes for his team . . ."

Think Progress, www.thinkpro, wants you to know:

President Bush didn't have time during the photo op to mention that his budget proposes the elimination of the National Children's Study project, which helps children with autism.

Or cuts in Medicaid reimbursements for children with disabilities.

Or cuts in funding for the Individuals with Disabilities Act.

But the photos came out well

An empire running on empty

Bush has bankrupted the nation, cut and continues to cut social programs, robs other programs that are still solvent, and proposes yet another war. He is killing America.

Granny's Back; Our Blogging Friends Input

Granny is back and had an absolutely wonderful time in San Francisco. Pop over to and check out the photos from her visit. She had the marvelous opportunity to meet blogger friends in person. It would be wonderful if all our blogger friends could have a get-together, but as we are so widely scattered about the globe it would be virtually impossible. You Go, Granny!

Our friend Dimitri from Amsterdam at gave a link to one more of the numerous victimizations of the Katrina victims. Corruption in big business is nothing new, as it is business as usual in Washington. Example: Enron, right here in dear old Houston, with the stench emanating all the way up to the White House. In this instance, we may ask the usual questions concerning who dunnit - who stands to benefit? The only feasible answer is the insurance company. Certainly it is a fact the the recent spate of extremely destructive hurricanes have hit the insurance companies very hard, but that is the gamble they took when they offered protection coverage.

Lew Scannon at has two excellent posts: 3/19 "Bush's Brazen Blasphemy", and 3/17 "Pot Calls the Kettle Black". I recommend them.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Invasion Iraq: 3 Years Later - Special

Url may not be valid long. Numerous sites and links for articles, photos, videos of various aspects of invasion. Truths emerge from previous lies.

Cocktails with Arnie? How much to smooze with the Terminator?

One way to add to the war chest. Pricey smoozing.

Saturday, March 18, 2006



And the Bushes still pay homage to Nazi principles, as Bush imitates Hitler and adopts his strategies.
Does this article reveal one reason why Bush has his goons resealing previously declassified documents in the US National Archives?


(4th image in bipartisan. 1st has no number in url, 2nd is #1, 3rd is #2, and 4th is #3 in url)

Which means the minority of citizens who actively work to save our rights, freedoms, our nation and our future must work even harder.

Feingold and the Democrats

And the cowardly do-nothings do nothing.

oops! I posted the wrong url. This one should be correct.


Ofcourse he is; he's a megalomaniac that either won't or cannot face reality. He accepts as real his fantasies of what he wants things to be and refuses to hear anything contradicting his vision. After all, didn't God call him to do these things so how can God be wrong?

ApplyRefer v2.3

Chuck Baldwin -- America's Leaders Selling Our Country Out From Under Us

Read it and weep. No wonder Bush wasn't concerned about the UAE/ports flap. Our government has sold a great percentage of our country to foreigners already.

Americans have a short attention span; breaking news of some new hullaballo distracts them and they forget all about the previous one. The port deal isn't over, yet, folks.

The Dirty Little Secret Behind the UAE Port Security Scandal

UAE to Take Control of US Military Bases

Friday, March 17, 2006


AFTER YOU WADE THROUGH HER OPENING PARAGRAPHS, SHE MAKES SOME POINTS IN THE TEXT BELOW. Concerning the link to the preview of the movie she mentions towards the end, I'm not quite sure what they are advocating. But I am very sure that none of us would ever get away with not paying taxes, whether taxation is legal or not.

Devvy Kidd ---Have Your Paycheck Automatically Sent to The IRS


Largest Air Strike Since 2003 in Iraq

CNN made it sound impressive this morning and then I lost track of what was going on. Evidently, not much. KOS makes it pretty clear. Click on the title.

Personal note: If all goes well, I'll be visiting San Francisco friends until sometime Sunday afternoon. Taking all three girls; they haven't seen much of the city. One was born there but left as a baby and the other two were born here. Should be fun (I hope).

I'm going to take a page from Worried American's book and try to put all this aside for a day or so.





Thursday, March 16, 2006


Here on IS AMERICA BURNING, Granny and I like to keep in touch with our blogger friends, see what's happening on their blogs, learn new things, get stimulating ideas and exchange a few,
get fresh viewpoints, discover heretofore unknown outrages for us to rant about, and just enjoy friendly touches and chats. We have a really great group of blogger friends and appreciate every one of them.

Even the occasional troll is not without merit; they offer opposing viewpoints and give us food for thought, and allow us the priviledge of exercising patience, restraint, and remembering the right of free speech, no matter how difficult it is to repress the urge to throttle them.

When one of our friends is absent for awhile, we miss them. Some may drop by but just not comment, so we do not know they came calling. I understand that. Granny posts comments on blogs more than I do. Long time readers may recall that I tend to be more of a lurker than a commenter, and when I do comment, it is often a long one. So some may wish I lurked more and commented less.

Personally, I don't mind long comments. I enjoy having others share their thoughts. I like dialog.
When I first started this blog, I wanted it to be a forum for discussions, but Blogger didn't offer the type of column where readers commented directly under my posts. Granny and I post and our readers may feel free to comment as little or as much as they desire.

One of our good blogger friends and reader/commenters is Mr. Anti-fascist Roving Ellipsis Progressive Traditionalist. He hasn't been around much lately but he is hard at work on personal business, completely restructuring AntiFascist and constructing Roving Ellipsis. He's a very busy PT, but the end result will no doubt be well worth the wait. When he is finished, perhaps he should invite all of us to an Open House. A Grand Opening sort of thing. In the meantime, he is open to visitors at . Just remember, it is a construction zone and subject to a busy workman's labors.

It's A Secret; BushCos Secretive Government

A Project of the Institute for America's Future

In reference to Granny's post about Progress Action Report below:. Click on highlighted phrase.

Want To Know? Too Bad! It's A Secret!

It's Sunshine Week here in Washington!
Check out's animated guide
to all the things the government would rather keep secret.

Turn on the lights, Washington!

© 2004 ( Project of The Institute for America's Future )

The Cost of Incompetence

A Project of the Institute for America's Future

I thought you would be interested in this.

In particular, I thought you'd find the following item interesting:

Bush appointed incompetents in the public sector; military leaders also incompetent, costing American and Allied lives, money, and prolonging the war.

© 2004 ( Project of The Institute for America's Future )

Hard to cut spending during war

Cut federal spending? By cutting safety nets for citizens? But
never cut Bush's TRILLIONS of $$$ for the wars he's condemned us


Hard to cut spending during war
WASHINGTON -- Republicans, desperate to distract voters from the
party's ethics scandals and President Bush's incompetence in
foreign and domestic policy, are going back to a simple,
familiar theme. All will be well, if we just cut federal

* Read the full article at:


American Progress Action Report today

Lots of information on the Freedom of Information Act. Many links on the Act, the past, and what's being done to dismantle it in the name of our freedom.

This is the site some readers have had trouble accessing. Email me if you're interested and I'll send it.

Look at What Missouri is Doing

In an effort to appease the religious right, the Missouri House has just passed legislation which will eliminate providing contraceptives to the poor of that state.

They say "a private doctor can do that". Doesn't that sound something like "let them eat cake"?

Teen pregnancies have decreased in MO, according to this article, partly because of the availibility of contraception. I thought that was a goal but evidently not.

Update. I need to go back and read it again. Does it apply to men as well? Are they paying for Viagra? Very important questions.

I'm tired of repeating myself about the idiocy of these people. Just click on the link in the title.

From TomPaine today.


Now They're Going After Viet Nam Deserters

Tina over at Fuzzy and Blue so they're hunting down the Viet Nam "deserters" from all those years ago.

I guess they just found something else to occupy them. I have CNN on and they're talking about a huge air assault in Iraq.

More photos of dead children should be forthcoming shortly.

Back to deserters. The idiots in charge have decided to send a "message". Similar to the message they're sending to Russ Feingold and anyone else with the courage to call them what they so obviously are.

She has a lot to say about that as well in one of her earlier posts. If our Senators can't support him, they don't deserve our support and the elections are coming up soon.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Peculiar Politician - Russ Feingold

He certainly is. These days, he's one of a kind, following a tradition of mavericks which seemed to be dying until he came along. Most sentences describing him begin with "The only Senator who".

The Nation applauds him and wishes the country would do likewise. Principles before politics?

What a novel thought.

Granny Insanity Has Outdone Herself (no not me)

Although the description fits nicely at times. Granny Insanity is from Montana and posts under the same user name as I. I have a photo (in case no one noticed) she doesn't, otherwise it could get a little odd around here.

She's left several comments and has been a welcome addition.

We've been having an ongoing discussion of the french fry and its place in everyday life over on rocrebelgranny lately. Should we ban the french fry and other momentous decisions of the times have been our focus. Now you see why I keep the two blogs in different compartments.

Granny has written a post on that very subject - her take on the Creation. I already posted it to granny but not everyone who reads isamericaburning reads granny and vice versa.

There's much truth lurking under the hilarity. I recommend it to all of you. Click on the title.

Thanks grannyinsanity.

Plan "B" and the Pharmacists

Susan G., writing in KOS, has a novel idea for the reasoning of the religious right. Too complicated and I'm too tired to rewrite what she said. You can take a look for yourself by clicking on the title.

If it weren't so tragic, it would be funny.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

J.A.I.L. 4 Judges

That's what they are calling themselves and they're working their way through South Dakota gathering signatures to curtail judges and in some cases punish them.

Why South Dakota? It's an "initiative" state, like my own California. Its population is small and it takes relatively few signatures to place and initiative or proposition on the ballot. They ask slanted questions which have nothing to do with South Dakota or its judges. A South Dakota judge cannot overturn Roe for example.

From Slate today.

(personal - Ray still in hospital but seems to be doing a little better).


Everyone knows that Cheney already has the power; he just needs it on paper. Bush THINKS he's running it, but he's just a figurehead and puppet; he's so stupid that he is easy for his handlers to guide and manipulate him. He struts about, throwing his weight around and they kow-tow to him to maintain the illusion.

For a good take on Frist re: Granny's post below, check out our blogger friend's blog , scroll down to his Mar.03 post "Preemptive Strike on Frist." Good post. On your way down, you might pause at his "Democratic Leadership Cowards" post. Right on target.

I think one reason why the Democrats are so gutless and spineless is 1) too many of them are in bed with Bushco and the megacorps, and 2) some are too scared to stand against them (Bushco have their ways of dealing with uncooperative people). Those few who do have the courage to stand against the outrages in our government deserve all our support.

I don't know who we can vote for. Some of the potential candidates are secretly clones of the incumbents and business will merely go on as usual. Our choice will be to choose "this rotten apple or that rotten apple."


bried video 
I stand ashamed.

Don't Like the Rules? Just Change Them

Bush adds little notes to the bills he signs which say he can ignore them anytime he wants.

The Constitution only applies when he says it does.

Everything is just fine. Ask anybody.

Now we have a letter from Bill Frist to Harry Reid threatening (in an extremely polite way) to change the rules of the Senate Intelligence Committee because it is not bipartisan.

The truth is they're disturbed anytime someone challenges them on anything. Best way to stop dissent? Change the rules, of course.

The link to the letter is in the title

(Copied from TomPaine today)

Food Stamps, Assistance Numbers Rising

and the Republicans don't care for it.

The story is in USA Today.

They are blaming everything except the minimum wage of course. I was estimating one person working full time would make about $12,000/year before taxes and FICA. The article mentions $40,000. as the ceiling for certain kinds of assistance. How could anyone possibly raise a family on minimum wage without some help? Even with both working, it would be hard. Our fixed income runs a little more than that for six people (no food stamps) and we're counting pennies at the end of each month.

They claim more people are either applying or qualifying because some of the rules have changed to make it easier. Could be but I think more people are applying because they would starve otherwise.

Some single parents work 3 jobs to make it - run from one to the other. Older kids are left to fend for themselves. I know some of them here.

Anyhow, I'm ranting and I didn't start out with that intention. The article is worth a look.

WP: Storm-battered parish considers hired guns

Hired mercenaries, private army, considered for New Orleans AGAIN! Our government used Blackwater mercenaries in Afghanistan and Iraq, then used them in New Orleans, armed and authorized to kill. Now the sheriff and Fema want to hire mercenaries again, from a different agency.
The agency says the government finds the private sector more efficient and economical than public service employees --at $950.00 PER DAY PER MAN!!! That's more economical?? How many police officers or deputies do you know that earns THAT much>>
Danielle Brian, executive director on Government Oversight said,"Our law enforcement system is based on public service employees and not private contractors pretending to be law enforcement."
Bush is doing his best to make as many businesses rich as he can by "privatizing" every system possible; plus private armies would be answerable only to the White House, not to the Pentagon and the military arm.
Historically, many tyrants and despots have engaged private armies. Too many times the regular, official military was the force behind a coup d'etat and there fore could not be trusted by the despot. Is Bushco looking ahead to the future?

Feingold and the Gutless Wonders

One MAN stands up for the people and the nation. Make note of who does not stand with him and remember on voting day.




Monday, March 13, 2006

Three Cosmic Enigmas, One Audacious Answer


Marie decided to offer a different kind of change of pace on a subject that might interest some of our readers. We have a few who may even understand some of it. Gentlemen?

Follow the links below for the full story:

Three cosmic enigmas, one audacious answer

Black Holes: The Ultimate Quantum Computer

Do I understand this? Heck, NO! I can't even understand elementary physics, and certainly this is way beyond my depth. But I am fascinated by it and all matters pertaining to our mysterious universe. I read and read ...but....! is the world's leading online science and technology news service, with a global network of award-winning journalists. Visit now for constantly updated and authoritative reporting that's both fast and fascinating.

Pres. Jimmy Carter on a Roll.

A Project of the Institute for America's Future

I thought you'd find the following item interesting: (eh? Julian?)

Word from a Peace President; actions of a "War" president. Comparisons. Check links

© 2004 ( Project of The Institute for America's Future )

Clinton v Bush on Terrorism

Grandpa Eddie has a good post today with a comparison of the efforts made by the Clinton and present administrations to fight terrorism.

I couldn't help but notice that many of Clinton's proposals were defeated by the Republicans and the ones that survived were either eliminated or rendered ineffective by Bush and Co.


How many of you read "30 US Representatives for Bush Impeachment Inquiry" in my Saturday post of "You Pick..."
Check out links at end of page, especially "ImpeachPAC; electing a Congress to impeach Bush and Cheney". It has a sample letter to email your Rep.

It's a good article and lists the names of the 30 Representatives that have joined to support the inquiry. 30 candidates for an email blitz. Rep. John Conyers has 45,000 already.

8 US cities have passed resolutions already calling for Bush's impeachment; California:Arcata, Santa Cruz, and (drum roll, Kvatch) San Francisco; Vermont: Brookfield, Dummaston, Marlboro, Newfane, Putney. Granny, Cal. Rep. Zoe Lofgren withdrew, said her name was added by mistake. Texans, our Sheila Jackson Lee is on the list.

What can we do? Enlist EVERYONE you can.
1). Begin a letter writing campaign to your local newspapers. For good measure, include letters to your local government for your city to pass a resolution. Most newspapers and city officials have emails.
2). Start an email blitz to your elected representatives. to find your Congressman, to find your senator (click on Senators in top bar). And remember, they were elected from their districts, BUT they are supposed to hear the will of the people so hit 'em all that you have time for.
3). While you are at the url for the House, get email addresses for the 30 and email them. They need massive support, as they will face stiff resistance.

4). Check out John Conyers site at Click on highlighted link at end of page to sign email message.

It seems like we are constantly being asked to sign this petition, email this and email that, but this is a fight to regain our country; if we lose, we lose everything this nation has traditionally stood for, we lose our rights and freedoms, we lose our children's future. This is war and we fight with the pen - or our keyboards.
For videdo of Sen. Feingold's take on censuring Bush and consideration of impeachment, I like that url - crooks and liars. So fitting.

(For another political blog with multiple sites, Old Rumsfield made $5 mil. on bird flu vaccine. Hmmm!)

Tom DeWeese -- The "Specter" of Condemnation Hangs Over All Property

Are you a property owner, or holder of a long term lease on a favored location? Think you are safe from seizure by eminent domain? Think again. Local governments have been using the eminent domain law as an excuse to seize citizens' property in order to sell it to developers for private developement.

This article is a factual presentation. This has happened in the Houston area and in others. Their excuse? They had a right under eminent domain because the new developement of malls, upscale housing areas, country clubs, etc. would create jobs, increase tax revenue and in general improve the public weal.

This isn't over. Specter is just biding his time. Considering the methods Bushco has used to sneak legislation past any nay-sayers, it is quite possible he'll get it approved. At the last minute they slip a rider on a must-pass bill. They hold voting sessions after midnight when most of the legislators are not present, and even secret sessions.

You'd better make sure your local, county and state - especially your state- legislators will stand up for your property rights.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Bush claims God told him to attack Iraq. Now Tony Blair announces to the British that God told him to attack Iraq. The Almighty is awfully cozy with these two. Blair is following Bush's lead in robbing the Brits of their freedoms and rights also, creating a captive citizenry.

Sane Britain disappears; they have Sheeple too

Blair imitates Bush in global conquest ambitions and strategies.

Feingold Wants Bush Censured for Spying.

Bill Frist says (paraphrasing - exact wording is in the article) it sends the wrong signals - that we don't support our Commander-in Chief in his unflagging efforts to defeat terrorism. I wonder what he's been smoking. What support?

Sounds like a great idea to me. Now if we could only find a few more Senators with a backbone.

Riverbend in Iraq on the Academy Awards.

I don't know why I have so much trouble with links over here and not on granny. If anyone has a suggestion, I'd love to hear it. Half of them won't paste.Maybe I'll try composing in Word. Anyhow, riverbend had her own take on the Academy Awards. Funny in a grim sort of way. I can't link to the specific post but here, I hope is the URL to the blog. I typed it in which can be disastrous.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Enough of the D. C. Dems

From Common Dreams

Molly Ivins has some pretty good ideas. They're not original with her; I've seen them at almost every blog I've read and heard them over and over from my friends here who have almost given up on the Democrats.

It's really simple.

Stop apologizing and grow a spine.

Focus on the important issues. Molly lists three - I can think of a couple others but it's a start.

Out of Iraq
Campaign Reform
Single Payer Health Insurance

We probably each have our own. The point is to focus on one message and repeat it over and over and over. When my two Senators voted for the Patriot Act, my jaw dropped. Diane Feinstein supports the flag-burning amendment. They keep trying to appease when that is not possible.

We need to stand for something and we need to do it now.

You're probably tired of hearing me say this but we have an opportunity which will never come again. If we can't put it together, we deserve the government we get.

Animal Tracks Slide Show Archive -

Animal Lovers, a break for you, and good for the children, too. A series of slides of animals in all sorts of situations. For more photos and slides, scroll down past the advertisements - lots more, about 20 or so pictures per title. click on title to get slides. .
MSNBC archives fairly quickly so these may not be available very long. I emailed the url to all my greats and even to some of the grands.

Yahoo! Mail
Use Photomail to share photos without annoying attachments.

MSM and the Administration hand in hand

I've been waiting for an excuse to use that abbreviation since I first saw it and had to ask the blogger what it stood for. To his credit he wasn't laughing hysterically at me in public although he may have been as he was responding. He answered courteously. It's Main Stream Media. Thanks, Farnsworth.

The link is to Helen Thomas in Truthout today. I can't remember when she hasn't been around or when she looked any different that she does now.

Take a look at what she says about the media today. She'd be right at home with us.


The body of Tom Fox, peace activist, Christian, and the only hostage from the United States was found today in Iraq. The link in the title tells the basic story.

I have a new friend, a Pakistan-American named Baraka who lives in San Francisco (or what she and I call "The Most Beautiful City on Earth"). She is a gentle, loving soul and a fighter for peace. She has faced many trials and her courageous spirit shines through all.

Baraka wrote a lovely tribute to Tom Fox today. I'm still having trouble with links over here so the link goes directly to her blog; the post, as of this writing, is the third from the top.

Nobody asked the right questions

Rumsfeld appeared before the Senate Appropriations Committee and gave them a perfect shot. They didn't take it.

From Slate today.


Last night I went to bed at a reasonable hour and awoke after midnight. Muttered curses upon Hypnos, and for good measure, his son Morpheus and gave up on sleep. About 2 A.M. started checking the is_america emailed newsies, noting articles for possible posting. Often several publications will offer the same piece of news so I select which one I think is best. Finished about 9 A.M. (see, most of our blogger friends don't have that much time to devote to reading news - sometimes I spend more if I research an article) got dressed for public appearance and my scooter and I hit the sidewalks. Lovely day, spoke to friends and strangers, had a nice outing.

Back in this teeny apartment, I reviewed my notes to decide on subject and articles for posting. Said "fie on it!" and chose one subject and decided to give YOU the urls and let YOU decide what interested you.


Old Divides Resurface as Bush Sinks

Republicans Falling Out Among Themselves Like the Starving Israelites in the Desert,,19269-2078588,00.html

Bush Loss on Ports' Deal Dents Image, Exposes Rifts

30 US Republicans for Bush Impeachment Inquiry

Panel Drops Tax Breaks From Bush's Budget
(now if they'd just REPEAL all those others)

Abramoff Says Top Republicans Were Allies
(Probably everyone on Capitol Hill had their hands in the cookie jar)

We get discouraged at times, feeling like all our emailing, faxing, letter writing, petition signing and generally protesting is useless, but the fearless elected leaders are taking notice of the citizen discontent and anger. THIS IS AN ELECTION YEAR and the time they really pay attention to the polls - and the election booth.
UNTIL they get rigged computerized voting machines in all the major voting areas, they do fear the voting citizens. Horror of horrors, they could possibly lose the election and get bumped off their position of power and the gravy train. That is the only way the citizens can control our leaders, and they are the only ones that can control that egomanic in the White House.
The Corporate masters, with most of the Senate and Congress in their pocket and an idiot puppet as President, thought this was the time to come out of the shadows and move more rapidly to accomplish their world domination, imperialistic goals.

It is time for the citizens to act decisively, unrelentingly, keep up the pressure until the November elections. Remember, all those against us are already working diligently.WAKE UP, America. ACT NOW!!

He would've made a great judge

The arrest of Claude Allen is all over the news of course. Here's a rundown of this illustrious career as a bigot and homophobe. Now he can add thief to his resume.

From Doug Ireland today

Friday, March 10, 2006


If you all are as tired as I am of politics, corruption, sleaze, war, torture, death and destruction, I say - IT'S TIME FOR A BREAK.

Although I do believe we must keep fighting the good fight - emailing, signing petitions, getting the word out- I also believe that we need raise our heads from the garbage heap now and then and breathe some fresh air. In spite of all the rottenness, it is still a beautiful world with much beauty and good in it.

So today, I'm not posting a blessed thing on the bad stuff. I've been working on some of my personal blogs, emailing, deleting the entire mountain of ezines and newsies (unread - blasphemous),surfed a few of my faves, surfed the 'net . Now I'm going to shower, dress, foo-foo up a bit, spray on some of that expensive perfume I got for Christmas, mount my electric scooter and Look Out, World! I'm going cruising.

It's a lovely, sunny day, nice breeze, spring has sprung, flowers are in bloom, and I'm going out to enjoy it. Hope each of you do too. Cheerio, friends.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Vermonters Say 'Yes' to Impeachment


Vermonters say 'Yes' to impeachment

Official support grows

A Brutal Scene Caught on Tape; Rape

Politics takes a back seat for a few moments and we address crimes of the people instead of our government. So, all you ladies and you protective gentlemen, what's your take on this (as usual) controversial case?

A Brutal Scene Caught on Tape

A 21-minute recording of a sexual assault shattered lives in O.C.

By Christopher Goffard
Times Staff Writer

March 9 2006

When Gregory Haidl pressed the "record" button on his Sony hand-held video camera four years ago, lives began to unspool.

The complete article can be viewed at:,0,2563897.story?coll=la-home-headlines

I say as usual controversial case, because in most acquaintance rape cases, and sometimes in stranger rape, the defense usually claims "consensual sex", makes every effort to destroy the complaintant's reputation and credibility, makes a public point of any real or alleged past sexual history (as if being non-virgin makes a difference in rape), and often lines up several buddies of the defendant to swear they had sex with the girl/woman before.

It is a fact that there are instances wherein women or girls allege rape when it was indeed consensual. It is also a fact that a real rapist often claims consensual when it was in fact forcible or coerced/intimidation rape. Or rape upon an unconscious victim.

In any case, it is a fact that young lives are blighted or totally ruined. In the case of these young men who stand accused, truly guilty of rape or if the young girl did cooperate, I question the standards and morals of the young men involved. Even if the girl was so sexually jaded that she wanted to make a porno flick, no one twisted these young men's arms and forced them to participate in such a degrading and perverted act. We teach young people to say "No" to drugs; we advise our girls to say "No" to illicit sex. Young men have the option to say "No" to wrong doing, also, and they were old enough to know what they were doing was immoral and indecent.


And FEAR, FEAR, FEAR to keep the American people in line until sufficient intimidation practises and laws have been passed to make us helpless under the thumb of government.

Americans have historically been an independent, hard headed people fiercely protective of our freedoms and rights, and in many cases, the freedoms and rights of others. This continent was settled by courageous, independent people who battled Indians (often unjustly), the French and the British for rights to the new land. The War of Independence was fought against Brittain for what we perceived as unjust and tyrannical treatment.

The Civil War was fought for preservation of states' rights against an encroaching Federal government and the slavery issue. For some, preservation of the Union was the primary issue, to prevent secession; for others, freeing the slaves was their goal. WWII was fought, in simplistic terms, to defend us against 2 dominant powers, each of whom, if victorious, would have stolen our nation and robbed us of our rights and freedoms.

Subsequent wars were fought ostensibly to stop encroaching communism, again to preserve our way of life. But for real or contrived reasons, Americans have always fought ferociously for their rights and freedoms. As a nation we have condemned tyranny, the subjection of free States to more powerful nations' imperialistic ambitions. (That's what we, the people, thought anyway.)

Now America has become all that we abhored and condemned in other tyrannies. We have waged a war of conquest based on lies and now plan another, also based on lies. We are pacified by lies and repeated scare tactics.

We are like a flock of sheep herded into the sheep-cote, guarded and protected by the shepherd and sheep dogs against a ravening pack of wolves. If any in the flock stir, the shepherd cries "Wolf Attack!" and the sheep huddle in fear. If any rambunctious sheep attempt to leap over the fence or circumvent the shepherd, the sheep dogs are quick to pursue, nip at, and drive the rebels back into the flock. Thus we are today, a flock of sheeple. Our government is busily building higher fences and more narrow gates to contain us by passing more and more laws to abrogate our rights and freedoms. And building real sheep pens called detention centers to hold the more rambunctious sheep.

And now, the second phase of operation world domination, the Imperial Pax America, is about to begin - excused with more lies.

A Moral Economy

From the Nation today, an interesting article by Fred Block on ways the Democrats can reclaim the moral high ground.

Personal note: Ray is ill again. I'm waiting for a call from the emergency room - I'll let you know more when I know more. He was doing very well so this came out of nowhere.