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Monday, March 20, 2006

Granny's Back; Our Blogging Friends Input

Granny is back and had an absolutely wonderful time in San Francisco. Pop over to and check out the photos from her visit. She had the marvelous opportunity to meet blogger friends in person. It would be wonderful if all our blogger friends could have a get-together, but as we are so widely scattered about the globe it would be virtually impossible. You Go, Granny!

Our friend Dimitri from Amsterdam at gave a link to one more of the numerous victimizations of the Katrina victims. Corruption in big business is nothing new, as it is business as usual in Washington. Example: Enron, right here in dear old Houston, with the stench emanating all the way up to the White House. In this instance, we may ask the usual questions concerning who dunnit - who stands to benefit? The only feasible answer is the insurance company. Certainly it is a fact the the recent spate of extremely destructive hurricanes have hit the insurance companies very hard, but that is the gamble they took when they offered protection coverage.

Lew Scannon at has two excellent posts: 3/19 "Bush's Brazen Blasphemy", and 3/17 "Pot Calls the Kettle Black". I recommend them.


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