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Monday, March 13, 2006


How many of you read "30 US Representatives for Bush Impeachment Inquiry" in my Saturday post of "You Pick..."
Check out links at end of page, especially "ImpeachPAC; electing a Congress to impeach Bush and Cheney". It has a sample letter to email your Rep.

It's a good article and lists the names of the 30 Representatives that have joined to support the inquiry. 30 candidates for an email blitz. Rep. John Conyers has 45,000 already.

8 US cities have passed resolutions already calling for Bush's impeachment; California:Arcata, Santa Cruz, and (drum roll, Kvatch) San Francisco; Vermont: Brookfield, Dummaston, Marlboro, Newfane, Putney. Granny, Cal. Rep. Zoe Lofgren withdrew, said her name was added by mistake. Texans, our Sheila Jackson Lee is on the list.

What can we do? Enlist EVERYONE you can.
1). Begin a letter writing campaign to your local newspapers. For good measure, include letters to your local government for your city to pass a resolution. Most newspapers and city officials have emails.
2). Start an email blitz to your elected representatives. to find your Congressman, to find your senator (click on Senators in top bar). And remember, they were elected from their districts, BUT they are supposed to hear the will of the people so hit 'em all that you have time for.
3). While you are at the url for the House, get email addresses for the 30 and email them. They need massive support, as they will face stiff resistance.

4). Check out John Conyers site at Click on highlighted link at end of page to sign email message.

It seems like we are constantly being asked to sign this petition, email this and email that, but this is a fight to regain our country; if we lose, we lose everything this nation has traditionally stood for, we lose our rights and freedoms, we lose our children's future. This is war and we fight with the pen - or our keyboards.
For videdo of Sen. Feingold's take on censuring Bush and consideration of impeachment, I like that url - crooks and liars. So fitting.

(For another political blog with multiple sites, Old Rumsfield made $5 mil. on bird flu vaccine. Hmmm!)


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