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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Here on IS AMERICA BURNING, Granny and I like to keep in touch with our blogger friends, see what's happening on their blogs, learn new things, get stimulating ideas and exchange a few,
get fresh viewpoints, discover heretofore unknown outrages for us to rant about, and just enjoy friendly touches and chats. We have a really great group of blogger friends and appreciate every one of them.

Even the occasional troll is not without merit; they offer opposing viewpoints and give us food for thought, and allow us the priviledge of exercising patience, restraint, and remembering the right of free speech, no matter how difficult it is to repress the urge to throttle them.

When one of our friends is absent for awhile, we miss them. Some may drop by but just not comment, so we do not know they came calling. I understand that. Granny posts comments on blogs more than I do. Long time readers may recall that I tend to be more of a lurker than a commenter, and when I do comment, it is often a long one. So some may wish I lurked more and commented less.

Personally, I don't mind long comments. I enjoy having others share their thoughts. I like dialog.
When I first started this blog, I wanted it to be a forum for discussions, but Blogger didn't offer the type of column where readers commented directly under my posts. Granny and I post and our readers may feel free to comment as little or as much as they desire.

One of our good blogger friends and reader/commenters is Mr. Anti-fascist Roving Ellipsis Progressive Traditionalist. He hasn't been around much lately but he is hard at work on personal business, completely restructuring AntiFascist and constructing Roving Ellipsis. He's a very busy PT, but the end result will no doubt be well worth the wait. When he is finished, perhaps he should invite all of us to an Open House. A Grand Opening sort of thing. In the meantime, he is open to visitors at . Just remember, it is a construction zone and subject to a busy workman's labors.


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