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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


This address to Congress by President Roosevelt in 1939 is a warning, more pertinent today than it was back then. It is a long read but one I strongly reccommend to anyone disturbed by the trend of our present government. A trend, I might add, that appears to have the aims and goals of the plotters almost completely realized.

If Americans have any hope of saving their nation, now is the time to act with all vigor and purpose. America is burning.

Surely, Americans are busy, their lives a hectic moil of multi-tasking, insufficient time in a day to do all they need to do, running on an endless treadmill just to live. But they must find a few minutes to fight for their country. With elections coming up, this is the time that citizen outrage can have some effect on our elected representatives. This is the time to give support to the few who display a shred of honor and integrity and guts.! It is the time to strike fear in the spineless, fear of losing their positions of power and authority (and opportunities for graft), and perhaps put a little starch in their spines.

"...It is a government by the corporations, for the corporations." Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th president of the USA

That is fascism, a condition our nation is in already. Do the American people act to slow its cancerous growth, or do we allow it to continue until it kills us?

Poster child for corporate fascism

"It is also in the interests of a tyrant to keep his people poor, so that they may not be able to afford the cost of protecting themselves by arms, and be so occupied with their daily tasks that they have no time for rebellion." Aristotle in Politics, J. Sinclair translation, pg. 226, 1962
Courtesy Information Clearing House, Mar. 2006

So what is happening today? On the whole, Americans are steadily becoming poorer. The poor become ever poorer, the middle class is shrinking, and those still able to qualify as middle class find themselves in growing financial straits. Sources for aid or relief are disappearing, thanks to our government.

Many jobs have been outsourced to foreign countries, both white collar jobs, and blue collar as manufacturing and assembly are also moved to overseas. Basic labor and low level service jobs are being taken over by foreigners who will work for lower wages, thus increasing the profit margins for businesses. Impoverished African Americans, other citizen minorities and whites are beginning to stir, angry over their loss of jobs, furious at the propaganda lies that "they take jobs nobody else wants."
This may be true in some fields but is a lie about most other fields of work. Those jobs were once filled by citizen low skilled workers. The government spin doctors publish glowing statistics "proving" that unemployment is low, etc. and it is lies.

Americans are becoming poorer. The government boasts that spending on social services are at an all time high, and yet benefits are being cut more and more.

38 million Americans live in hunger or food insecure households., an increase of 5 million since 2000.

Laws controlling the people grow ever more strict, and more laws are on the books, Contingencies for controlling the people during an "emergency", as defined by the Presidency, include martial law, restrictions on travel, strict IDs, arrest and detention of rebellious or protesting citizens ( who may be labeled "fifth columnists" at the whim of the Presidency). Plans are in place to employ foreign troops and/or mercenaries (called "security contractors", like Blackwater and others) to enforce citizen control. American military and National Guardsmen are expected to be overseas in war zones, and also may be reluctant to use force against citizens.

The totalitarian system is well under way, and what laws the present Presidency doesn't concoct are already in place from previous administrations, who probably never envisioned them being used in current circumstances.

Who said, "...religion is the opiate of the masses...?" Remember? Religion may be the opiate of a large percentage of the citizens, especially as they are deceived by their spiritual leaders, but in our diverse society it doesn't work for all. Religion has a long history of being an effective means of control of the people, from the witch doctors or shamans of the primitive cultures to modern times. Under some regimes apostates or non-believers were tortured and put to death. "Sinners" were executed.

The Religious Right and Reconstructionists have acquired enormous power in our government and their goal is a Nation Under God with the ultimate goal a World Under God - according to their strict Old Testament beliefs and guidelines. If the coming corporate-fascist tyrant government allows them to maintain power - and it probably will, as an added means of population control - we will become a theocracy also, under Old Testament Law. And I guarantee you, you won't like it.

Our government has already sanctioned incarceration without benefit of legal rights, and torture, and secretly even death for accused terrorists or those who give aid to the enemy. Dissenting Americans can be labeled "fifth columnists" and therefore traitors, and be subjected to the same treatment. Combine this with a radical theocracy and we are in deep trouble. Think not? Study the 300 years of the Spanish Inquisition and see how benevolent the church fathers can be. Study Old Testament Law and see what constituted infractions punishable by death.

You don't have time? You don't even have time to read this lengthy post? You think I'm being a Chicken Little running through the barnyard screaming "the sky is falling!"
Check it out. Take time to do some research yourself. Think about it.

Wake up, America. America is burning. And we'll all go down in flames, as will our children.


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