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Saturday, March 11, 2006


Last night I went to bed at a reasonable hour and awoke after midnight. Muttered curses upon Hypnos, and for good measure, his son Morpheus and gave up on sleep. About 2 A.M. started checking the is_america emailed newsies, noting articles for possible posting. Often several publications will offer the same piece of news so I select which one I think is best. Finished about 9 A.M. (see, most of our blogger friends don't have that much time to devote to reading news - sometimes I spend more if I research an article) got dressed for public appearance and my scooter and I hit the sidewalks. Lovely day, spoke to friends and strangers, had a nice outing.

Back in this teeny apartment, I reviewed my notes to decide on subject and articles for posting. Said "fie on it!" and chose one subject and decided to give YOU the urls and let YOU decide what interested you.


Old Divides Resurface as Bush Sinks

Republicans Falling Out Among Themselves Like the Starving Israelites in the Desert,,19269-2078588,00.html

Bush Loss on Ports' Deal Dents Image, Exposes Rifts

30 US Republicans for Bush Impeachment Inquiry

Panel Drops Tax Breaks From Bush's Budget
(now if they'd just REPEAL all those others)

Abramoff Says Top Republicans Were Allies
(Probably everyone on Capitol Hill had their hands in the cookie jar)

We get discouraged at times, feeling like all our emailing, faxing, letter writing, petition signing and generally protesting is useless, but the fearless elected leaders are taking notice of the citizen discontent and anger. THIS IS AN ELECTION YEAR and the time they really pay attention to the polls - and the election booth.
UNTIL they get rigged computerized voting machines in all the major voting areas, they do fear the voting citizens. Horror of horrors, they could possibly lose the election and get bumped off their position of power and the gravy train. That is the only way the citizens can control our leaders, and they are the only ones that can control that egomanic in the White House.
The Corporate masters, with most of the Senate and Congress in their pocket and an idiot puppet as President, thought this was the time to come out of the shadows and move more rapidly to accomplish their world domination, imperialistic goals.

It is time for the citizens to act decisively, unrelentingly, keep up the pressure until the November elections. Remember, all those against us are already working diligently.WAKE UP, America. ACT NOW!!


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