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Friday, March 10, 2006


If you all are as tired as I am of politics, corruption, sleaze, war, torture, death and destruction, I say - IT'S TIME FOR A BREAK.

Although I do believe we must keep fighting the good fight - emailing, signing petitions, getting the word out- I also believe that we need raise our heads from the garbage heap now and then and breathe some fresh air. In spite of all the rottenness, it is still a beautiful world with much beauty and good in it.

So today, I'm not posting a blessed thing on the bad stuff. I've been working on some of my personal blogs, emailing, deleting the entire mountain of ezines and newsies (unread - blasphemous),surfed a few of my faves, surfed the 'net . Now I'm going to shower, dress, foo-foo up a bit, spray on some of that expensive perfume I got for Christmas, mount my electric scooter and Look Out, World! I'm going cruising.

It's a lovely, sunny day, nice breeze, spring has sprung, flowers are in bloom, and I'm going out to enjoy it. Hope each of you do too. Cheerio, friends.


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