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Monday, March 13, 2006

Tom DeWeese -- The "Specter" of Condemnation Hangs Over All Property

Are you a property owner, or holder of a long term lease on a favored location? Think you are safe from seizure by eminent domain? Think again. Local governments have been using the eminent domain law as an excuse to seize citizens' property in order to sell it to developers for private developement.

This article is a factual presentation. This has happened in the Houston area and in others. Their excuse? They had a right under eminent domain because the new developement of malls, upscale housing areas, country clubs, etc. would create jobs, increase tax revenue and in general improve the public weal.

This isn't over. Specter is just biding his time. Considering the methods Bushco has used to sneak legislation past any nay-sayers, it is quite possible he'll get it approved. At the last minute they slip a rider on a must-pass bill. They hold voting sessions after midnight when most of the legislators are not present, and even secret sessions.

You'd better make sure your local, county and state - especially your state- legislators will stand up for your property rights.


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