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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

WP: Storm-battered parish considers hired guns

Hired mercenaries, private army, considered for New Orleans AGAIN! Our government used Blackwater mercenaries in Afghanistan and Iraq, then used them in New Orleans, armed and authorized to kill. Now the sheriff and Fema want to hire mercenaries again, from a different agency.
The agency says the government finds the private sector more efficient and economical than public service employees --at $950.00 PER DAY PER MAN!!! That's more economical?? How many police officers or deputies do you know that earns THAT much>>
Danielle Brian, executive director on Government Oversight said,"Our law enforcement system is based on public service employees and not private contractors pretending to be law enforcement."
Bush is doing his best to make as many businesses rich as he can by "privatizing" every system possible; plus private armies would be answerable only to the White House, not to the Pentagon and the military arm.
Historically, many tyrants and despots have engaged private armies. Too many times the regular, official military was the force behind a coup d'etat and there fore could not be trusted by the despot. Is Bushco looking ahead to the future?


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