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Thursday, March 09, 2006


And FEAR, FEAR, FEAR to keep the American people in line until sufficient intimidation practises and laws have been passed to make us helpless under the thumb of government.

Americans have historically been an independent, hard headed people fiercely protective of our freedoms and rights, and in many cases, the freedoms and rights of others. This continent was settled by courageous, independent people who battled Indians (often unjustly), the French and the British for rights to the new land. The War of Independence was fought against Brittain for what we perceived as unjust and tyrannical treatment.

The Civil War was fought for preservation of states' rights against an encroaching Federal government and the slavery issue. For some, preservation of the Union was the primary issue, to prevent secession; for others, freeing the slaves was their goal. WWII was fought, in simplistic terms, to defend us against 2 dominant powers, each of whom, if victorious, would have stolen our nation and robbed us of our rights and freedoms.

Subsequent wars were fought ostensibly to stop encroaching communism, again to preserve our way of life. But for real or contrived reasons, Americans have always fought ferociously for their rights and freedoms. As a nation we have condemned tyranny, the subjection of free States to more powerful nations' imperialistic ambitions. (That's what we, the people, thought anyway.)

Now America has become all that we abhored and condemned in other tyrannies. We have waged a war of conquest based on lies and now plan another, also based on lies. We are pacified by lies and repeated scare tactics.

We are like a flock of sheep herded into the sheep-cote, guarded and protected by the shepherd and sheep dogs against a ravening pack of wolves. If any in the flock stir, the shepherd cries "Wolf Attack!" and the sheep huddle in fear. If any rambunctious sheep attempt to leap over the fence or circumvent the shepherd, the sheep dogs are quick to pursue, nip at, and drive the rebels back into the flock. Thus we are today, a flock of sheeple. Our government is busily building higher fences and more narrow gates to contain us by passing more and more laws to abrogate our rights and freedoms. And building real sheep pens called detention centers to hold the more rambunctious sheep.

And now, the second phase of operation world domination, the Imperial Pax America, is about to begin - excused with more lies.


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