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Friday, January 06, 2006

Back to abuse of power and torture

There are so many abuses of power, it's hard to single out just one.

I read a comment on another blog which implied that Congress told the President what to do. No, I think it's been the other way around. The men pulling the strings tell the President and he bypasses the other two branches of government.

This is not recent news but it's worth repeating.

Republican Senators Graham, McCain, and Warner are speaking out strongly against the Administration. I don't know much about Senators Graham and Warner (except that Warner was once married to Liz Taylor, I think) and they're both from the south. However, I do know McCain's history and if anyone should know about torture, he should.

I'm sure they're not alone on the Republican side of the Senate; they're just the most vocal. I wouldn't be surprised to see others join in.

The article is from Common Dreams today.



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