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Friday, January 06, 2006


Julian Blue had an excellent comment on the above mentioned post and referred to stats in one of her posts. Julian Blue is a reader, commenter, and a blogger, a member of our blog roll. (If you don't see the blog roll on your screen, scroll down to the bottom of the blog. That's where I find it but some people find it up near the top where it's supposed to be).

I suggest checking out the statistics on worker income vs. CEO income on her blog:
to the January 5 post, "Corporate Dogs". This fully illustrates how the rich are getting richer and the working class (middle) is falling behind.

"The workman is worthy of his hire". I have no objection to people making a great income if they are worthy of it. But by the same token, the working stiff who helps create the source of the profits should also be worthy of his hire and earn a decent wage.....and NOT have his job farmed out to another country where the workmen are paid even less.

Isn't the "trickle down" concept Bush's professed point in giving all those tax cuts to the megacorporations and the rich? That as they make more money, they can hire more people, pay better wages, etc., so the workers thereby profit also?

Well, read Julian Blues post. Draw your own conclusions.


  • At Friday, January 06, 2006 6:49:00 PM , Blogger JBlue said...

    I think you made a great point: they must be "worthy." Kenneth Lay, for example, is a criminal evading justice. I like your point about trickle-down economics, too. Good one. Only one thing trickling down from those, er, creeps (I'll keep it clean on your blog!). Thanks again for the link. (I see it near the top, too).

  • At Saturday, January 07, 2006 3:27:00 AM , Blogger Progressive Traditionalist said...

    I've researched this matter, supply side economics and the Laffer Curve. The Dark Wraith has the best post I've seen dealing with the economics aspect of it. Here's a link.

    The other side of it is not well-known the history of it. Laffer, Friedman, and the hack that oversees the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal whose name I can't remember were in on promoting this thing together, not because it was sound economic policy, but because it stood to make them a lot of money.

    Greenspan is part of that Chicago School of Economics that is based mainly on the writings of Ayn Rand. He knew Rand personally. As the story goes, she wanted to sleep with him, and he refused her, though she kept throwing herself at him. (more personal than I intended) The good thing is that the Chicago School has slowly fallen out of favor, mainly because of the results it has produced.

    The bad news is that they're reviving the beast and re-packaging it.

  • At Saturday, January 07, 2006 6:49:00 AM , Blogger Worried said...

    Very good, Progressive...

    Granny, we do have some intelligent readers, don't we? They make cogent points and write great blogs.


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