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Friday, January 06, 2006


Here's another good spot to check out. She posts some things, uses links, but a lot of the writing is her own.



  • At Friday, January 06, 2006 12:02:00 PM , Blogger Tina said...

    Thank you so kindly for the hat tip Granny and for your kind words. I use my blog to release so much of the anger, disbelief, and utter horror that I feel towards out nation's political situation, so please do not be offended by my very frequent use of cursing... it is almost always used as comedic relief and because it oftentimes simply best sums up my brutally honest view of things... not because I have a lack of vocabulary or a sense of decorum. When dealing with a group of politicians and so-called religious leaders who feel the need to chuck our nation into the toilet, I feel that being a potty-mouth is justified. Thanks for being a worried American and speaking your mind about it, too ...Tina.


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