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Monday, November 21, 2005

Paul Krugman interview

The New York Times, under fire these days for many reasons, alienated themselves to me when they put their best op-ed columnists behind a fire wall and are charging $50/year to read them. No thanks. The people for whom these columnists speak are those who can least afford to pay for the privilege.

Is it too much of a coincidence that most of them are progressives, or reasonably so? Paul Krugman, Frank Rich, and Bob Herbert are my favorites.

Fortunately most of their work appears, sometimes a day or so later, in one online site or another. Here is a recent interview with Paul Krugman from Alternet (who reprinted it from, I believe, a publication called Campus News.

They cover many subjects. Mr. Krugman is an extremely intelligent, interesting person and this column is well worth your time.


Sunday, November 20, 2005



When President Clinton left office, the United States' budget was comfortably in the black, with billions of dollars surplus. Unemployment was down, living standards were good, there were many programs for health care and education for the nation's poor and needy.

In President Bush's second term in office, the budget is billions of dollars in the red, a tremendous deficit. Countless jobs have been outsourced, increasing the profits of businesses but robbing many thousands of Americans of jobs. Excuse me, Mr. President, but training a former auto worker to flip burgers or some other minimum wage job may register as "retrained" or "employed", but such a drastic cut in wages doesn't meet his living expenses, pay his mortgage, his health insurance, or allow him and his family to live above the poverty level. You gave jobs to foreigners to improve their standard of living by decreasing the standard of living for American citizens. Your primary priorities should be the welfare of our nation and its citizens -- the people who elected you -- not to the goal of globalization .

Benefits and programs for the poor have been steadily whittled down, and now more cuts are proposed. The richest of our citizens have received a tax cut that has cost the nation billions in revenue. They get a tax cut at the same time their business profits have swelled to greater heights. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer has never been more true than under Bush's presidency.

It is true that since President Bush took office our country has suffered terrible catastrophes that were and are very costly...the World Trade Center tragedy, hurricane seasons that struck cities and populations on the coasts with devastation. And now, the worst in our history, hurricane Katrina , closely followed by hurricane Rita. In addition, America is always generous with humanitarian aid, and has donated great amounts of money to our neighbors who suffered terrible disasters -- the massive tsunami in Asia, and the massive earthquake in Pakistan and India.

President Bush had no control over these natural disasters and cannot be blamed for the extraordinary expenses associated with them. But he can be blamed for pushing through globalization policies that increase big business' profits but rob citizens of jobs, for giving tax cuts to the wealthiest that rob the country of billions of dollars, for repeatedly cutting benefits to the poor, and most of all, starting a war that has cost the nation billions of dollars, cost the lives and physical welfare of thousands of our military, earned us even greater hatred around the globe and the disrespect or disapproval of many nations.

E.J. Dionne Jr. is a columnist for the Washington Post. In one of his recent columns he said, and I quote : (emphasis mine)
As soon as President Bush announced his first spending package for reconstructing New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, the Republican Study Committee and other conservatives switched the subject from poverty reduction to how Katrina reconstruction plans might increase the deficit that THEIR OWN TAX-CUTTING POLICIES HELPED CREATE.

UNWILLING TO FREEZE ANY OF THOSE TAX CUTS, these conservatives proposed cutting other spending to offset Katrina costs. The headlines focused on the seemingly easy calls on pork-barrel spending.. But some of their BIGGEST CUTS WERE IN HEALTH CARE PROGRAMS, INCLUDING MEDICAID , AND OTHER SPENDING FOR THE POOR.

It's conservatives ... claiming that because so many people had been driven off the welfare rolls, poverty was no longer a problem....But Katrina underscored the limits of welfare reform by showing how many people had been left behind. It also brought home the FAILURE of conservative economics.

The CLINTON economy --bolstered by BALANCED budgets, tax INCREASES ON THE RICH, and the expansion oof innovative programs such as coverage for the poor -- CUT the number of poor people by 7.7 million between 1993 and 2000.

Between 2001 and 2004....the number of poor ROSE by 4.1 million.

...the recent Census Bureau report found that the percentage of Americans getting private job-based insurance FELL from 63.6 percent in 2000 to 59.8 percent in 2004. What held down the number of Americans without insurance altogether? The proportion insured under governnment programs --Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program --ROSE from 10.6 percent in 2000 to 12.9 percent in 2004.

A time when more Americans than ever NEED government- provided health insurance is when we should expand government assistance for health care, NOT CUT IT BACK. It's also a good time for raising the minimum wage ....for the working poor.
(end of quote)

My personal feelings do not influence the facts, but just for the record may I say I was not fond of President Clinton, but I have to admit the nation did well under his administration (if we discount the scandals in his personal life --but a president's life is always public -- that made us the laughing stock of the world).

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Bush Economics. Following are excerpted quotes from Herald columnist Ana Veciana-Suarez, published in The Houston Chronicle, pg. E5, on Oct. 5, 2005.

Dear President Bush: ... I just read that it's costing the government nearly $1 billion a day to help the victims of the last two hurricanes. The cost of Katrina alone has been estimated at $200 billion. ...but if anyone deserves a hand up, surely it's these unfortunate souls---and I'm not questioning that.

There is, however, the matter of the needless billions spent in Iraq. And while you may consider it admirable to take on so many tasks, I must ask: How are we going to pay for all this?

Cut domestic programs, you've bravely said. ...These cuts aren't nearly enough to offset the astronomical costs of both waging war and rebuilding the Gulf Coast. In any case, all that vague talk about cuts has been rejected by congressional leaders on both sides. ...No one wants to sacrifice.

...Back in September 2000, eight months into your first term, the Treasury Department reported a budget surplus of $237 billion at the end of the fiscal year. Today, we have a $333 billion deficit. That's mind boggling.

...A couple of senior fellows at the Brookings Institution have written that our country's fiscal policy is on "an unsustainable path," and this was back in December 2004, long before Katrina and Rita. More recently, the International Monetary
Fund derided your promise to cut the deficit, calling it "relatively unambitious."

The IMF is worried that our huge budget and trade deficits pose a risk to the global economy. They pose a risk to OUR economy. ...the tax cuts that went into effect in 2001 have cost us $859 billion in lost revenues and 30 percent of that has ended up in the wallets of the nation's top 1 percent of taxpayers.

...In the big leagues of government, I think they call that voodoo economics

If the IMF is concerned about our economy, we should be terrified and up in arms. Our president is creating policies whose effects will remain long after he is out of office. He has taken an economically healthy nation with a comfortable surplus and put it heavily in debt to the tune of an enormous deficit. He has made deals with manufacturers and business conglomerates that has cost thousands of Americans their jobs. He has given tax cuts to the wealthiest of our citizens that has cost the nation billions in lost revenue. To offset that he is cutting benefits to the most vulnerable of our citizens: our veterans, the elderly, the handicapped, single mothers, poor children. His attitude towards the poor is that their station in life is their own fault, a character flaw.

It seems to me that our president is the one who has a character flaw, or at least is vastly ignorant of the life of the average citizen, a common failing among the very rich.

In the entire history of our nation have other nations had to worry about our economy endangering their own? Perhaps during the Great Depression? At no time have other nations referred to us as a "third world country" as some do now. We were once the richest nation in the world. What are we becoming, thanks to this president? What legacy are we leaving for our future generations?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


America has its own list of homegrown extremists, of practically every genre one can imagine and probably some we can't.
One of our basic freedoms is freedom of speech, so God Bless America even the koo-koo birds have a right to publically reveal how ridiculous they are.
One is Fox News O'Reilly, see 2nd post below. Access the url and read his report. How dare the San Francisco folks run their city in a way he disapproves of? And for being such bad boys and girls, he is going to excommunicate them, disown them. I wonder if he has ordered the REALLY BIG ONE people have talked about for years to strike them down and shelve them off into the ocean.
O'Reilly and Robertson. Each calling down destruction and catastrophe for violations of their particular opinions of what citizens should do. Apparently other people have no right to have differing opinions, but if they do, they're going to be punished.
Robertson's foolishness is old hat but I would like to quote a favored columnist of mine, Mr. Leonard Pitts, Jr. I don't always agree with Mr. Pitts but sometimes I say "Amen, brother".
The Houston Chronicle picks up news and columns from the Knight Ridder Newspapers. Mr. Pitts writes for the Herald. On Monday, Nov. 14, this column appeared, of which I quote excerpts.
Rev. Ridiculous doesn't speak well for intelligent design
"And the Lord did look with discontent upon the town of Dover in the province of Pennsylvania. For Dover was a wicked and prideful place and had turned its back on God. Its people had voted out school board members who tried to introduce intelligent design into schools as an alternative to the theory of evolution.
"And the Lord was wrathful and said, I will smite them with burning coals from the sky. Their fields I will make barren, their rivers I will cause to rise in flood, their football teams will lose, their sewers will back up, no one who lives there shall hit the Powerball. And I will help them not."
OK, so that's not in my Bible, either. But apparently it's in the Rev. Pat Robertson's. [...] he issued a dire warning to the town last week [...]. "If there is a disaster in your area," he said, "don't turn to God --- you just rejected Him from your city [...].
[...] wasn't it just a few months ago that Rev. Ridiculous put out a hit on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez? Two years ago that he asked viewers to pray for God to remove three justices from the Supreme Court? Four years ago that he linked the Sept. 11 attacks to the fact that organized prayer is not allowed in schools? Seven years ago that he warned Orlando, Fla., of "terrorist bombs ...earthquakes,tornadoes, and possibly a meteor" for allowing a gay pride event?
He also said that Mouse Town could get hit by a hurricane, which was a really gutsy prediction [...]. A hurricane, hitting Florida? What are the odds?
I can't believe that God requires ignorance, that he gave us brains he doesn't want us to use, or that intelligence and faith are mutually exclusive.
Ofcourse, I'm forced to reconsider that position every time Rev. Ridiculous opens his mouth.
This is rather long but I wish I could have posted his entire column. He made some excellent points in a humorous manner. It must be nice to be as wise as Mr. O'Reilly, to know with certainty what is best for the citizens of San Francisco. Or to know with absolute certainty the will of God and what His plans are, and to be His spokesperson.


Byron Williams describes a marvelous imaginary scene in the article referred to in the post below. Type in the address printed below and read the article. Would it ever be possible for such a thing to happen? Perhaps not, but we, the American people, must hang together and keep pressure on our elected representative to do what is right, moral, and ethical. And above all, do what they are elected to do...REPRESENT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!!!

Come on, people, post a comment. It doesn't hurt a bit. No one is going to criticize your literary style. Or beat you up if they disagree with you. Or eat you. Cannibalism is against the law.

We must hang together

or we will most assuredly hang separately.

The link is to an article by Byron Williams in Working for Change. He envisions a statement by the 45 Senate Democrats standing as one setting forth their vision for the future.

It's worth looking at. With the shifting in public opinion who knows - they might even pick up a couple from the other side of the aisle.


So much hate in the world

This from The Nation today:

The city that will always be home to me is under attack: From foreign terrorists? No, from the home grown variety. Here's what Fox News O'Reilly had to say (paraphrased):

San Francisco, along with a couple of other cities, shouldn't be part of the United States. If terrorists want to attack, they should start with S. F. and Coit Tower.

What did the city do that was so awful? They're trying one more time to get guns off the street. The last time they tried it Mayor Diane Feinstein had to fight a recall election. She won and is now our senior U. S. Senator. The gun ban was overturned by the courts and probably this one will be as well.

They don't want military recruiters overstepping their bounds.

These local resolutions are usually statements of conscience rather than enforceable law.

Unfortunately, the same Amendment that protects me here also protects the hate-mongers. Fox News, which is many things but not stupid, knows that controversy drives ratings. As long as people are watching and writing about O'Reilly and the other "news" people on Fox, they'll continue to promote hate and intolerance.

Read the article. I've protested to Fox and I will again but I don't think anyone is listening.



I AM ANTI-WAR, except in instances where it is essential to protect our nation, as in WWI and WWII. I do not believe in war as a means of forcing our political system on other nations, as Communist Russia attempted (and succeeded ) in forcing their political system on other nations.It is hypocritical of our government to send America's citizens to be maimed and die to defend a foreign people against a cruel, tyrannical regime, when at the same time our government supports equally cruel and tyrannical regimes, enabling them to further oppress their people and wage war against their neighbors. It is hypocritical and illegal for major businesses in our country, with approval of our government, to sell war materials to foreign nations then condemn those nations if they use the materials against us.

I AM PRO-MILITARY, as I believe that having a strong military force is necessary to protect our nation. Without it, we would be as lambs before the ravening wolves or hyenas of the world, slavering greedily and in hate to seize this juicy prize. Since the inception of this country as a nation, our people have fought to preserve the Union, to preserve and protect our country and our freedoms. History proves that nations without a strong military presence have always been attacked and usually conquered by a stronger, predatory force. But having a strong military does not give us license to bully weaker nations. Grenada, for instance, was an embarrassing ,if not downright shameful event that should have been handled diplomatically; was the mouse going to roar at the lion?

I AM PRO-SUPPORTIVE OF OUR TROOPS, no matter whether or not I approve of the mission they are ordered to embark on. I may disagree with governmental policies concerning the war, police action, or whatever, but first, last and always I support our military men and women sent to carry out those orders. And who stand ready to defend our country, our people, our freedoms and our way of life. I support our present military members and all those veterans of past conflicts, regardless of the support or condemnation of the public regarding the conflicts.

I did not agree with our government's policy about the Vietnam War but I fiercely support and defend the troops that served there. I think it is a national shame that so many of them were treated so disgracefully by some of our citizens. And I believe it is a national shame that our government now cuts health benefits to the survivors of past conflicts - WWII veterans on down to the present. It is as if they are being told, "Oh yes, you served us loyally then, but what have you done for us lately?"

Our aged WWII veterans are dying at an estimated rate of 1,000 a day. They, and their younger comrades-in-arms who served in later conflicts, are being deprived of many of the promised benefits. Some suffer the debilitating effects of an aging body, or old injuries and ills contracted during their service worsen with passing years; injuries that they once were able to cope with become crippling as they grow older. As their health and income declines, our government decreases their benefits! As they become more vulnerable and less able to meet their needs, assistance is curtailed. The media trumpets with bold headlines the abuse of suspected terrorists, (and this should be reported), the abusive neglect of our war veterans is confined to a tiny, one column wide, three inch comment on back pages, and perhaps, perhaps, one or two sentences on TV news.

Wake up, media, trumpet THIS!! I read a pathetic, bleeding heart news article of how the terrorist suspects were not given food to their liking. Given food that violates their religious principles is a valid complaint, but some complaints were ridiculous. How about some pathetic, bleeding heart articles about how our own people, our veterans, are being mistreated, how at the most vulnerable time of their lives, aid is being decreased. Medical care for them is of much greater importance than prisoners disliking their menus.


After the Vietnam War an anomalous number of those veterans began developing cancers of all kinds. An unusual number of Vietnam veterans' children were born with birth defects of various sorts. Agent Orange was suspected of being the causative factor. The government blandly denied it. Eventually it was a proven fact that Agent Orange was a carcinagen, and it was a fact that many military members were exposed to that defoliant in Vietnam. The blame battle raged on and on and on as these young men died from the cancers and many of their children grew up handicapped or in ill health from their birth defects. Eventually the suit against the makers of Agent Orange was settled, a class action suit that netted little for the victims. Did our government ever accept any share of the responsibility?

When a Vietnam veteran of my family went to the VA hospital complaining of an ailment he believed to be caused by Agent Orange, he was flatly told: Prove it. How could he, a blue collar working man, prove his ailment was Agent Orange related? Treatment denied. (He was not a part of the suit against the manufacturers of Agent Orange).

Now comes our veterans of the Gulf War, suffering from so-called inexplicable, varied ailments diagnosed as or called the catch-all term "Gulf War Syndrome". As Yogi said, "it's deja vu all over again." Experts disagree; some say it is not valid, others say it is. And our government drags its feet. Yet these men and women suffer, nevertheless. Another Agent Orange disgrace? How long, Oh Lord........!

A future Now?? Once again we have our military in huge numbers in the same location and conditions as were the Gulf War combatants. Must they look forward to the same fate as their Vietnam War and Gulf War comrades endured and continue to suffer?

People speak out loudly and demonstrate against the abuses of terrorist suspects, and it is right to oppose abuse by our people. Yet, where are the loud voices, where are the demonstrations to speak out for our veterans, to oppose cuts in their health care, to demand resolution to their chronic ailments of unknown etiology.We spend billions on this war, billions in foreign aid, billions on all sorts of programs, including no small amount on pork barreling, how about some of that to spend on re-instating all of the veterans' benefits and on research to discover the causative factor and treatment of Gulf War Syndrome. And how about some to spend on government pensions to thos Guf War Syndrome sufferers who have been too disabled to work and must depend on state welfare programs or the paltry SSI benefits.

How about our government recognize Gulf War Syndrome as a valid ailment? American veterans are not the only ones suffering; so are many of the veterans from other nations that fought in that war. Is it "psychological" in all the veterans from all nations?

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS. Do more than display a flag or a ribbon. Speak out, demonstrate, write your elected representatives. Write the President. RAISE HELL!! They go through hell for us.
Links to information about Agent Orange effects :

For more info, set your search engines to 'how many veterans of Vietnam War suffered from Agent Orange' and read site after site.

Links to information about Gulf War Syndrome:

And if you really want to get shocked and angry, whether you believe it or not:
This is not the first time I've read allegations of this sort but it is the first with such detailed accusations.

For more info, set your search engines to 'how many veterans of the Gulf War suffer from Gulf War Syndrome' and read site after site.


Anyonne interested in accessing blogswritten by members of our military forces, link to:, a clearinghouse of information on military blogging. The site belongs to a veteran called Greyhawk. Click on his home page for a history and the nature of his blog. In the text aare blue highlighted naames to click on to access military personnel's blogs, and also listed in the sidebar.

I suggest clicking on Hero at the top of the page and reading about a soldier who was a hero in the Vietnam War and was a hero who gave his life as a civilian saving others when the Twin Towers were attacked. His heroism in 'Nam is depicted in the movie "We Were Soldiers".

Troops who blog are a cross section of America, as diverse as are the rest of us, and their opinions are equally diverse. Some of the bloggers are a little rough, reflecting barracks language, but they give a personal view of the war, their experiences, and feelings that isn't covered by the media.

Military personnel, veterans, and some family members may register their blogs with Greyhawk. Read his site for further information.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

No Child Left Behind (Uncle Sam Wants You)

One of the side effects of "No Child Left Behind" is that schools must provide lists of their students to the military for recruitment purposes. Buried in the small print (isn't it always?) is an opt-out clause for parents.

According to the article above, the military is targeting low income, urban schools rather than the suburbs.

There was a time when the military was an opportunity for kids to climb up from poverty. With the quagmire in Iraq (and no end in sight), they become fodder along with our National Guard, Reservists, and active military.

Some kids and their families are opting out.

I'm not anti-military or anti-soldier. The military is under pressure from this Administration and, as good soldiers, they respond.

This is the wrong war (I'm not sure there's ever a right war but some may be justifiable) for the wrong reasons.

Take a look at the Boston Globe article above. It's interesting.


We Can Make a Difference

We held a vigil when Cindy Sheehan was in Texas. We held another when the military death count At that time we decided, along with some other groups in town, to hold a weekly vigil. The article above is from our first weekly vigil. The little girl in the photo is my youngest great-granddaughter, the top of her sister's head is barely visible behind, and I'm the white haired woman with glasses off to the side.

Participation increased over two weeks along with favorable response from passersby. Horns beeping and people waving. Almost no hostility. The local press has been helpful. The article is fair and balanced.

It's not a protest as such; that would be counterproductive in this small, conservative town. We're a quiet reminder to people. Our signs change each week to reflect new numbers.

My son's Nat'l Guard company has suffered at least 10 fatalities and many injured. He's not there yet but that could change any day. He's 37, has 3 teenage kids and he and is wife are expecting another (surprise) in June. He need to be with his family; not off trying to bail the ocean with a teaspoon. And our other young men and women need to come home. Some are on their 3rd and 4th tours.

The idea for the weekly vigils came from one person, the man in the photo. It spread quickly. The first two vigils were part of our involvement; the others are local with no connection to national groups. I'm sure there are other groups like us across the country. We're not wild-eyed fanatics, we're concerned citizens. Most of us believe this war was a mistake from the beginning. Any who don't at least believe it's past time to bring the troops home.

Change begins with one person with a vision. My vision is a better world for the little girl in the picture. What's yours?

Best wishes to all,


Friday, November 11, 2005


"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children....This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron
The Honorable Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1890 - 1969
34th President of the United States
Supreme Commander, Integrated European Defense Forces
From a speech before the American Society of Newspaper Editors, April 16, 1953

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Is Bush a good President?

In preparation to understand some aspects of a future post, I suggest reading Leonard Steinhorn's article in History News Network at:

Under HNN Articles, scroll down to and click on to "What Katrina Tells Us About Mr. Bush's Philosophy of Government".

Another interesting political site is

If the page won't come up, address to access home page. ( On a side note, on page 2 scroll down to IRS Targets Liberal Church. That is scary. Does this presage an abrogation of free speech if we say something negative about the President? Attack by IRS a prelude to curtailing speech against our elected officials and/or government? This has happened in other countries. As more and more of our freedoms and rights are gradually eroded, we had better be prepared to roll over or fight.)

It seems that not only has our President gone down 35% in his approval rating in the polls, but some of his constituents are a little more than a tad disillusioned.Some, ofcourse, have never held any illusions about Dubya.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Working for Change

Byron Williams is a pastor in Oakland, CA and always has interesting commentaries. Here is his take on the recent death of Rosa Parks.


Friday, November 04, 2005

Thomas Paine said a lot in a few words

"If there must be trouble let it be in my day, that my child may have peace." - Thomas Paine


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Racism is alive and well

As the greatgrandmother of three "mixed" little girls and the grandmother of 3 children whose mom was born in Manila, this story disturbs me more than I can say. In the same week that America is roping off seats in the front of the bus in memory of Rosa Parks, this horrid story surfaced from the CA inland empire.

We've made a lot of progress since Rosa Parks and many others like her held their "peacable" revolution. Some died for freedom. Now, I read this. We have a long way to go.




New commenter

This was sent to me by one of the frequent commenters to my other blog,

I told her about this blog and that this would be good place for her. I hope we'll be adding her to our list here soon. We need all the Texans like her we can find. She and I share political opinions personally all the time and this will give her a forum.

Early morning here in central CA. I'm starting to get kids ready for school.

We need lots of letters to your Senators on Alito. I know where both of mine stand - just where they usually do - but there are some fence sitters who could use encouragement from constituents. We can make a difference.

Two of our local groups have begun a "peace vigil" once a week - Friday from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. in a central location just as people are getting off work. Even if there are only 3 or 4 of us each week, at least we'll be a visible presence and a small thorn in the Administration's side.

Have to go get child number one out of tub. She needs a little help with balance. (cerebral palsy for any of you who don't know me from Granny).

More later,



Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Why didn't the link go through

Here's the link to Molly's column. I pasted it in the little space that says "link". Obviously I missed something. From now on I'll make it part of the posting like I do almost everywhere else.


How about some solutions?

Texas' own Molly Ivins is one of my favorite writers. Here she is today, her usual fearless self, on some solutions to the "pickle" we're in.

She begins with education. Since I have three great-granddaughters in the public school system, it's a good start. I'd lose "No Child Left Behind" which at best is a bandaid and at worst another boondoggling bureaucratic nightmare and focus on real reform. Our children are our future. We need to stop throwing them away.

My email address is posted on Granny but for anyone who didn't drift over here from there it's

I'd rather see comments on here but email is okay as well.

This may work out nicely. I talk mostly about the family on Granny with a few political left hooks thrown in. This will give me a place to post items of interest to progressives as I come across them. You conservatives out there, feel free to chime in as well. This country, I hope, still encourages discussion and dissent.

This Administration has given us:

A quagmire in Iraq

Corruption, lies, and treachery at the highest level

Willingness to destroy anyone who gets in their way or dares to disagree. I have a list of names (if I can find them in my archives) which is truly frightening.

Incompetence in dealing with domestic crises such as Katrina

A determination to eliminate church/state separation and impose their "moral values" on us all as they smash several of the Commandments on their way to achieving that goal. False witness? Murder? Envy? They're all part of the Ten.

A President who has been kept so sheltered that the kindest thing I can say is that he didn't know the truth. Shame on all of them.

Molly's probably right and we're stuck with what we have until the next election. 2006 is coming up fast and meantime there are local elections where we can make a difference. Tip O'Neill was right when he said "all politics is local".


Space sharing

Worried American - Blogger set me up to post as well as comment although if your comment box is fixed that's solved.

I don't know if that's what you intended.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005


If you want to voice your opinions on these and other issues affecting our country, you may post them to this blog as a team member. First, post your email address and code name on the comment page. Blogger requires this in order to register you as a team member. Next, I will add you to my blog, then you can begin posting.

It is ok to be passionate about your opinions, but please be civil. Please, no vulgarity and do not denigrate races, creeds, or genders; you may object to their actions, behaviors, beliefs, etc. as is your right under free speech.

Opinions are welcomed. However, I am administrator of this blog and have the option of deleting offensive material.

Please post to this blog and do NOT email me at my personal address.


1]. What do you think of the war in Iraq?? Do you think it was justified or a mistake? Do you think this will be another Korea or Vietnam? Do you think it will lead to a major World War with extremists and supporters?

2]. What do you think about the way the President has handled:
A. the devastation of hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the needs of the citizens?
B. appointing a replacement for Justice Sandra Day Oconner?
C. the reports of WMD in Iraq?
D. allowing the military to send Americans to war with substandard armor protection?
E. considering paying for the massive expenses confronting our nation by cutting benefits to
the poor, elderly, handicapped instead of rescinding his tax cuts to the rich?

3]. What do you think of allowing millions of illegal aliens to enter our country with virtual
impunity? This is a sensitive issue with many people.

If you have issues you wish to discuss that are not mentioned here or posted, bring it on! Sound off and voice your opinion.