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Monday, November 21, 2005

Paul Krugman interview

The New York Times, under fire these days for many reasons, alienated themselves to me when they put their best op-ed columnists behind a fire wall and are charging $50/year to read them. No thanks. The people for whom these columnists speak are those who can least afford to pay for the privilege.

Is it too much of a coincidence that most of them are progressives, or reasonably so? Paul Krugman, Frank Rich, and Bob Herbert are my favorites.

Fortunately most of their work appears, sometimes a day or so later, in one online site or another. Here is a recent interview with Paul Krugman from Alternet (who reprinted it from, I believe, a publication called Campus News.

They cover many subjects. Mr. Krugman is an extremely intelligent, interesting person and this column is well worth your time.



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