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Sunday, November 13, 2005

We Can Make a Difference

We held a vigil when Cindy Sheehan was in Texas. We held another when the military death count At that time we decided, along with some other groups in town, to hold a weekly vigil. The article above is from our first weekly vigil. The little girl in the photo is my youngest great-granddaughter, the top of her sister's head is barely visible behind, and I'm the white haired woman with glasses off to the side.

Participation increased over two weeks along with favorable response from passersby. Horns beeping and people waving. Almost no hostility. The local press has been helpful. The article is fair and balanced.

It's not a protest as such; that would be counterproductive in this small, conservative town. We're a quiet reminder to people. Our signs change each week to reflect new numbers.

My son's Nat'l Guard company has suffered at least 10 fatalities and many injured. He's not there yet but that could change any day. He's 37, has 3 teenage kids and he and is wife are expecting another (surprise) in June. He need to be with his family; not off trying to bail the ocean with a teaspoon. And our other young men and women need to come home. Some are on their 3rd and 4th tours.

The idea for the weekly vigils came from one person, the man in the photo. It spread quickly. The first two vigils were part of our involvement; the others are local with no connection to national groups. I'm sure there are other groups like us across the country. We're not wild-eyed fanatics, we're concerned citizens. Most of us believe this war was a mistake from the beginning. Any who don't at least believe it's past time to bring the troops home.

Change begins with one person with a vision. My vision is a better world for the little girl in the picture. What's yours?

Best wishes to all,



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