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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Is Bush a good President?

In preparation to understand some aspects of a future post, I suggest reading Leonard Steinhorn's article in History News Network at:

Under HNN Articles, scroll down to and click on to "What Katrina Tells Us About Mr. Bush's Philosophy of Government".

Another interesting political site is

If the page won't come up, address to access home page. ( On a side note, on page 2 scroll down to IRS Targets Liberal Church. That is scary. Does this presage an abrogation of free speech if we say something negative about the President? Attack by IRS a prelude to curtailing speech against our elected officials and/or government? This has happened in other countries. As more and more of our freedoms and rights are gradually eroded, we had better be prepared to roll over or fight.)

It seems that not only has our President gone down 35% in his approval rating in the polls, but some of his constituents are a little more than a tad disillusioned.Some, ofcourse, have never held any illusions about Dubya.


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