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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Almost everyone here knows our Canadian blogger friend, Gary. Gary has a great blog and often publishes photos of hilarious, real signs. I love 'em and surf Gary's blog, usually lurking although I do comment now and then, not only to check out his posts but to see if he has any signs posted. His latest is not a sign but a subway graffitti that is unusual.

Gary is a member of Amnesty International Canada. I check out their website now and then to see what's going on and what else I can rant about. Now Gary and fellow Canadian citizens could use a little help from friends across the border. Amnesty has a petition going for people to sign asking for an investigation into torture of some Canadian citizens. I believe that all decent, humane people abhor torture, and an investigation is warranted.

I signed it and when scrolling through the petitioners names saw that Granny had been there way ahead of me. Granny is usually in the forefront of worthy causes. If any of you are interested in signing the petition, access:
Tell others to follow suit. I emailed practically everyone in my address book.

Thank you, Gary, for giving us an opportunity to do something constructive about this hideous practise of torture. You're a good man, Charlie Brown.


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