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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


We have a new Granny blogger. Our Granny-Ann has a list of Grannies, I believe, and now we have another one. Meet Granny Insanity at

She has posted a site where we can watch the migration of the sandhill cranes. They pause in their journey at the crane- hotel Nebraska's Platte River. I clicked on to "live feed" but saw nothing but river bottoms. Then I noticed that I had arrived too late; all the diners were gone and the dining room was closed. A feeding schedule is posted, which shows the hours the cranes feed. I'll have to catch the evening hours. . The site has a button to click on for live feed of the cranecam and links to photos, videos, educational activities, etc. It is a very interesting nature study; good for kids too. They are magnificent birds. I like cranes. We see a number of kinds of cranes here and the wonderful Whooping Cranes winter on the Gulf Coast.
They almost became extinct but are making a come-back. Several years ago there was a huge scandal when some foolidiot tragically shot one of them. I know that Californians can relate to the outrage, as if someone shot one of their condors. Man has destroyed so many of earth's creatures. We must treasure and protect what is left.

Thank you Granny Insanity for giving us this great site!


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