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Monday, January 16, 2006


Some of you may already know Mathias from his previous incarnation but his present persona is new to me. Welcome, Mathias. I like your blog! Keep on keeping on.
To our other friends and neighbors, I recommend checking out Mathias' posting of Jan.10,2006: " The Spirit on Which We Were Founded." Do I hear the choir singing, Amen? Julian?
Note to an email questioner: I'll tell you like I tell my offspring:1). look it up; don't you have a dictionary? 2) FIE is not an euphemism for a commonly used word, f***. It means "an exclamation of contempt, dislike or disbelief ", according to my friend, Noah Webster.
Thank you for your interest. I realize that not everyone has a dictionary or knows how to access online dictionaries. I hope this clears this up for you. Please continue to visit our blog, but do comment here. Everyone would like to hear your opinions, and no, no one will think you're "dumb".


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