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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

I just posted this to "granny" but, in view of my feelings about the religious right, censorship and freedom, it may be even more appropriate here.

A blogging friend went to see Brokeback Mountain last night (in Canada) and loved it. It's received mostly outstanding reviews, has been nominated for everything in sight, and Tim (my gay son) and I had planned to see it together. (I usually wait for the dvd but was going to make an exception.).

Here is my response to my friend's post.


And how lucky you are to be able to see it. I will either have to drive 60 miles to Fresno or Stockton, CA or wait for the DVD. Our two multi-plex theaters aren't showing it. When a friend asked when they would show it, the theater manager replied "never" Our local paper wrote a stinging editorial against the theaters.

With all the crap that passes for "talent" these days and all the slasher stuff that turns up (violence bothers me much more than sex as long as the two aren't combined) they are too hypocritical or frightened to run a film that is winning everything in sight.

As my friend "worried" is fond of saying, "fie and shame" on them.



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