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Saturday, January 14, 2006

For something slightly different

I spent much of my computer time yesterday catching up with both blog rolls. Some I visit almost daily; others, I don't have time to get around to as much as I'd like. I hadn't looked at VMC in a while. My blog roll on granny is somewhat alphabetical. Next time, I'll start at the bottom and work up.

Anyhow, we seemed to be on a recipe and poetry kick yesterday along with a new meme, courtesy of Dmitri who borrowed it from someone else. He's the poet from Amsterdam. We have several others.

Granny, for any of you who haven't been there, is a chatty journal of sorts. A lot about kids and home, some politics, rants about the educational system in this country, and whatever I feel like saying. It's very different from this one but for me both have their place in my life. I don't have a huge following but I have many international online friends over there. It's how I met "worried".

Yesterday I posted a photo of my Special Ed, physically challenged (cerebral palsy) great-granddaughter holding her Honor Roll certificate. I also posted recipes, lots of them.

For any of you who haven't done the healthy thing and given up sugar, there is a wonderful molasses cookie recipe. Easy, it's the basic sugar cookie recipe with a lot of goodies added. Also, an extremely simple biscuit recipe for anyone who is tired of popping cans.

I tried to link my blog in the Title without success. It's over on the sidebar. Clicking on "granny" under contributors will bounce you over to the other blog.





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