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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Thank goodness action has started nd I hope Congress will also do something. These news items came out a short time ago.

"President's Power Grab Threatens Rule of Law" USA Today
Good article, briefly recaps Bush's greedy over reach for power.

"ACLU Filing Suit Against National Security Agency" Washington; Reuters.
"...seeks court order that spying programs are illegal and ordering its immediate and permanent halt. Also included in the above article: New York City Center for Constitutional Rights will file suit in federal court in Manhattan. "The 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act makes it illegal for the US government to spy on Americans without first getting approval from a secret federal court.
Another suit is pending, that of atty. Brandon Mayfield. See post "If you've done nothing wrong.." Jan.12,2006. Maybe if enough suits are filed and IF the media will keep the issue before the public's eyes, action may result and curb Bush's power grab a tiny bit.


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