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Monday, January 16, 2006


I believe a great many of us are suffering from battle fatigue. After all the constant barrage of gloom and doom news, the war, what's going on in the White House, and the final, all out fight against the Alito thing, we are emotionally drained, tired, disheartened and discouraged.

A bit of light hearted play was needed, as in Granny's meme and Dimitri's tag for 7s. Perhaps we need something more - some R&R. This might be a good time to invade Canada. Gary said he'd help us if we wanted to come up there, but I don't know if he meant he'd help if we came as refugees in flight, or if we came as invaders.

I told him I had tents and aluminum cots. I heard that snow made good insulation and it seemed to work well for the Eskimos in their igloos. The photo of the bush outside his window looked a bit like an igloo. I've camped out in forests before but never in one with snow covering everything. It would be an experience. I could say, in my life I've been there, done that.

Like the earthquakes in North Africa. Done that too and once was enough. The Californians on-site were blase about it and laughed at the alarm of the Texans, Okies, and Louisianians. But when you are accustomed to terra firma it is indeed alarming and unsettling to be confronted with terra jello. Camping out in a snow laden forest might elicit alarm from people acclimated to a sunny clime and mild winters.

But Granny, I'm game if you are. Pack up the kids and Ray in the van and hit the road. I'll bungee-cord my pack on my electric scooter and we'll meet in Canada. And let's invite Progressive Traditionalist to join us there. He needs to get the hell out of Dodge for a break also.In fact, let's invite the entire crew of fellow bloggers and start a colony. Dimitri, Andrea, et al might have a more arduous trek, but most colonists do.

My children and families would object strenuously and probably confine me as senile, but I could sneak away, run away from home. Canada sounds pretty good to me right now.


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