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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Re: Senior Sexuality" - 11-10-07

On the above post, Yellow Rose of Texas commented:

Yellow Rose of Texas said...

Personally I think old people should act their age!

Monday, November 12, 2007 1:08:00 PM

Yellow Rose: Thank you for visiting our blog in the past and today. I enjoyed your post on TexMex History. Granny and I welcome comments, pro or con and we thank you for your input. However, I would offer a few words of rebuttal:

1). What is the criteria for age related mature behavior?
2). Who determines the criteria? Who appointed them the arbiters of acceptible senior behaviors?
3). Aren't all humans people? Do not all adult humans share commonality of instincts? Who determines that people must abandon certain human traits past a certain birth date?
4) Don't seniors retain their humanity even though they have lived a number of years?

My personal opinion re: seniors is that they should live life as fully as they can for as long as they can and that includes all aspects of personal enjoyment and fulfillment.

If you find senior sexuality offensive, you will no doubt be appalled at the following articles.


(Blogger is being a dork so following articles are separated into individual posts.)

Old Broads Get Naked for Charity Calendar

May 22, 2003 - The Great Old Broads, as they are now known, produced a 2003 calendar, "A Celebration of Mature Women," for LifeSpan Services Inc., a nonprofit senior services organization. In the above cover photo, they were all nude.

"We were having a ball," Rose Marie Krantz, 67, told the Los Angeles Times. The widowed former bus driver is third from the left. She also posed in a bathtub for another shot but confessed to wearing a bathing suit.

There have been some negative reactions. "Some people were offended because they thought an older woman's body is ugly," said Evan Mendelson, LifeSpan executive director.

"I thought that was too bad. They look appropriate for their age."

Many younger women bought calendars to send to their mothers, he said. "They wanted to show them what we can do at this age," Krantz said. "And that you can't sit home and moan and groan."

The calendar, photographed by Russell Fish grew out of the "senior prom" the San Luis Obispo, California, women have held to raise funds for various senior programs. This year they decided to publish a calendar picturing the candidates. The oldest, 100 years old, was Lia Butner, who was a German pole vaulter in the 1929 Olympics.

Information on buying the $12.00 calendars can be found on the Lifespan Website at Or, you can order direct through these contacts:

Call: (805) 782-0844 - Fax: (805) 782-0792 - E mail:


  • Old Broads
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    Millie Smith, 93, known as "Motorcycle Mamma." She's Miss August

    Latest Senior Nudie Calendar Features Women 75 to 94

    Atwood Cuties raising money for anniversary of Townsend, Mass.

    Jan. 19, 2005 � Ranging in age from 75 to 94, the 17 ladies from the Atwood Senior Housing Center, decided to copy the �Calendar Girls� and do a semi-nude calendar for 2005. "We're just as good looking as them, so why not do it? And we're older, so it makes it more unique," said Lu Porter, 75, who is Ms. January. "We're a lot older than them," she added.

    The ladies are going to the limits to help raise money for the 275th anniversary celebration of their hometown, Townsend, Mass., with the publication of the Atwood Cuties 2005 Calendar.

    The calendar has gained them a lot of exposure, which they did not have in posing for the calendar shots. They have been in media reports across the nation.

    The pictures are of the sprightly seniors nearly naked. The grandmothers and great-grandmothers are baring almost. "Some were a little squeamish, but got over it. They got out there in the woods with nobody around. They were worried about their bra straps, all of a sudden didn't care. We threw off everything -- blouses and all," said Porter.

    Porter and her friends came up with the idea after renting "Calendar Girls," a movie about a real life group of older English women who made a nearly nude calendar for charity.

    To read remainder of article, click on

  • Cutie Calendar
  • ............................................

    Beefcake Biker Calendar Raises Funds for New Senior Center

    Leading citizens in Kerrville, Texas, drop their pants for a good cause

    Nov. 10, 2005 � Leave it to some old geezers from the Texas Hill Country to do something wild and just a little crazy. Nude motorcycle calendars have worked well for women � even senior citizens � so why not for men. Anyone who hears the words "senior citizens" and thinks of nursing homes doesn't know the "Mild Bunch." After recognizing a dire need for a new senior community, fifteen high-profile community leaders of Kerrville, Texas came together to help raise money for a new facility. The group developed a unique and undeniably risqu� method of fundraising for the $4 million capital campaign project, which required the "Mild Bunch" to drop everything -- including their pants.

    Jacques Duhr, 65, president of the Dietert Senior Center's board of directors and general manager of Kerrville, TX retirement community, The Highlander, rides in sidecar with Mike Walker, 64, member of Dietert Senior Center board of directors and a licensed architect.

    The �Fab 15,� who range in age from 54 to 80, volunteered as models for the new Dietert Senior Center�s "Mild Bunch" Beefcake Biker Calendar.

    In a show of civic pride, each community leader posed with some of the hottest motorcycles for the quirky and somewhat revealing calendar spread.

    Each calendar sells for $20, postage and handling are $1.50 and all proceeds benefit the DSC building fund. The new building will replace a 36-year old Dietert Senior Center.

    Although all the calendar models' professions differ -- from an attorney, a university president, car dealership proprietor and bank presidents to sales gurus, radio personalities and an architect -- all agreed raising money for this important cause was something close to their hearts. The "Mild Bunch" also hopes to change the public's perceptions of seniors with this lighthearted approach to fundraising.

    To read remainder of article, click on
  • BeefCakeBikers
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