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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

To Gadfly

Thank you, Gadfly. That is beautiful. The Future Was Yesterday pegged you correctly. You have always been a much finer person that you credited yourself. You saw yourself as a lump of coal; I saw you as a diamond (perhaps in the rough?) that you truly were. I am glad that you are and have been my Friend. Even though at times your escapades stood my hair on end, at other times I loosened up and joined you in a few. Heh! Heh! Remember the Moulin Rouge in Louisiana? Good thing it was so close to the Texas border for the mad flight home. You drove like A.J.Foyt. Um Hum. And others? We were young and foolish but damn! we had fun!

I've learned...
That under everyone's
hard shell is someone
who wants to be
and loved.

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I do appreciate and love you, old pal. You make beautiful music.

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Granny Ann has given bits and pieces of her youthful life. Can you imagine if we three had been young together? :-) Or even now in our twilight years? We'd make a trio!



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