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Saturday, October 28, 2006

U.S. Policy, Israel and the Middle East

These people, including Pat Robertson, believe that the Israelis must take back every inch of the land Israel possessed during Bible times in order for the prophecy to be fulfilled. The Israeli Zionists claim the same thing. It is not enough that the Jews were granted a homeland and the state of Israel was created; these people demand more. As long as these beliefs persist, there will be no peace between Israel and her neighbors. Gaza will continue to be an oppressed land and a war zone. The CZs are hand in glove with or a part of the CRs and RRs. WA.
Christian Zionism: An Egregious Threat to U.S. - Middle East Understanding
By The Council for the National Interest
Christian Zionism, a belief that paradise for Christians can only be achieved once Jews are in control of the Holy Land, is gathering strength in the United States and forging alliances that are giving increasingly weird shape to American policy toward the Middle East.

===The Armageddon Lobby
Dispensationalist Christian Zionism and the Shaping of US Policy Towards Israel-Palestine
By Rammy M. Haija
With nearly 10 per cent of US voters declaring themselves as Zionist or dispensationalist Christians, and another 35 per cent constituting mainstream Christianity, the Christian Zionist lobby has targeted both voting pools for its purpose of assembling a pro-Israel constituency among American voters through the promotion of biblical and dispensationalist doctrine.


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