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Sunday, October 22, 2006

GOP Election Strategy: Terror, Racial Division, Lies, Fraud

The Terror Card:
NEW GOP AD THREATENS VOTERS WITH DESTRUCTION...Americans don't agree... worldwide survey on torture
The Race Card:
BLACKER THAN THOU, CRACKER!Who's behind those offensive ads?
As with the Christian Right, the Repubs and cohorts have infiltrated, deceived and defrauded the African American communities in order to capture the black vote, dividing the races. See Worried's post of 10/19 "...Who Among Us...??"

And the haters:
RACISTS ON THE BALLOT: HARD-RIGHT RADICALS RUN IN 2006By Alexander Zaitchik, Intelligence ReportAcross America, right-wing radicals are running foreverything from national political office to a countymosquito control board.
OLBERMANN TO BUSH: 'YOUR WORDS ARE LIES THAT IMPERIL US ALL'... [VIDEO]The government is the most dangerous enemy.
See Granny's post of 10/19 "Keith Olbermann Special Comment"


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