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Saturday, October 21, 2006

We Thought Absentee Voting Was Foolproof (Update)

And then along comes my friend Sheanc to disabuse me of that quaint notion.

Two adjoining central California counties are having problems. Sacramento County has managed to misprint some of their absentee ballots. I'm not in that countrycounty but I'll open my ballot (it's been here for a few days) and check it over before it's too late to get a replacement.

Yolo County (which includes West Sacramento and Davis among other cities) has discovered that some of the instructions on their electonic voting machine (audio) are in Vietnamese.

Makes me wonder what's happening nationwide. It can't be just these two counties in one state.

Oh, and by now you probably know about the Supreme Court and Arizona. AZ can require voter i.d. for this election while other related cases are making their way through the courts.

Update: I went back and found the truthout article about AZ and the Supremes. Republicans 1 - Democrats 0.



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