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Monday, October 30, 2006

The President's Lies (More and More and More)

I watched as much as I could stomach to further study the psychological tactics BushCo uses to manipulate the gullible public. Knowledge of specifics aid when discussing this with others. Unfortunately, this old woman lacks the grit and stamina that I once had for extended unpleasant research. WA

Out on the stump for Republican candidates, George W. Bush is letting loose a crowd-pleasing stem-winder full of distortions and lies, remarkable even by his standards.As his crowds chant "USA, USA," Bush presents the Democrats as people who don't want to detain terrorists, won't question terrorists and oppose putting terrorists on trial. The speech shows that Bush remains confident in his ability to paint a false reality without paying a price.For the full story about Bush and his never-ending pattern of treating the American people like they're really stupid, go to at .


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