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Skyline - Houston, Texas

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Not Just His Intellect That's Light...

A taste of satire, thanks to our Australian friend, Daniel, at .
I would suggest that instead of lead weights and a golden throne to which he be tethered to prevent him from floating away, his lies be hung about his neck like so many albatrosses; the sheer weight of his perfidy should not only keep him earthbound, but sink him to the bottom of the ocean. WA


Photo Source: American Street.
George Bush is shown here proving beyond all doubt that he is the most lightweight President in America's history. Clutching at his vehicle, George is desperately trying to stop himself floating off into the heavenly void while calling out, "Not yet. Not yet, you fool. I can't just cut and run!"
One aide did report he'd just finished singing Nearer My God to Thee and suggested that perhaps his Maker might be calling him home (a move that would be enthusiastically supported by billions of people)! Another whispered that heaven wouldn't be big enough to hold God and George simultaneously and that God might have to move out.
Special lead lined shoes of increasing weights are being made for the President to offset his increasing lightness. Eventually a gold throne may have to be cast to which George will be tethered permanently until His mission on earth is accomplished. Rumour has it that a matching crown of thorns will also be cast which he will wear on ceremonial occasions.
Whether the earth will still exist following George's eventual departure is very much in doubt. If it does most cling to the fervent hope that George will not be involved in any Second Coming!© Seeking Utopia. All Rights Reserved. 2006.
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