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Thursday, January 05, 2006

I just posted this to the wrong blog - trying again

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Blog Roll

My friend Andrea in Japan is much more adept than I and she set up a blog roll for us. Thank you Andrea. She's been visiting over here from time to time and we're old buddies from Blogging Baby and then "granny". She's a Canadian, married to a man from China, and is currently living in Japan.

Three names so far (four when we add Dmitri who is already over on "granny") but we hope it will grow. I'll add more as commenters surface or as I find political blogs similar to this one.

Most of us read the big guys, KOS, Josh Marshall, Alternet and the rest. I'm hunting for people like Julian and the others listed on the blog roll. One or two people trying to make a difference with their writing even when it seems no one is listening.

On a personal note (which I usually save for "granny") my great-granddaughter, Rochelle is 11 years old today. She's a wonderful girl. Middle child, loving and compassionate with what some people call an old soul. She has a slight learning disability and is in special ed which has done wonders for her. She's almost up to grade level on reading and maybe higher if they didn't insist on counting speed. Her math is getting there as well.

Elcie, you've heard about already. The youngest, Rebecca, is 10. (10 months between the two youngest).

Lots of photos on the other blog if you're curious.

I'll probably be back later. I have a (cvhopefuls) meeting tonight. We're involved with keeping a new racetrack out of the country. Not because it's a racetrack but because it will add too much traffic to our already overburdened roads and the EIR is frightening. Seems the owners can get away with pollution and almost anything else. Environment is not my strong suit, I'm more on the civil rights side, but the last thing a small city in the CA central valley needs is more pollution. We're already one of the highest in the country.

Moveon doesn't do local stuff but we have a group with essentially the same members called cvhopefuls who do. We put a wall between us and moveon because moveon is a pac and we have to be careful. As individuals with our own local group, we can do anything. We've been organized since last March and have been busy ever since. There's always something.

We've grown to over ninety people locally now and are coordinating with other like minded groups around the city and country. Most of us didn't know the others existed. Most are Democrats but we have a few Greens as well.

Andrea thinks she will try to come up with at least one positive thought (or blessing) on each day. Rochelle's birthday will do for me.



  • At Thursday, January 05, 2006 10:23:00 AM , Blogger Elizabeth Green said...

    Happy Birthday to Rochelle!! I hope she has a great time.

    I don't blame you Granny; I wouldn't want a race track, either. The noise pollution alone would do me in, not mentioning the other pollution.

    I think the idea to come up with one positive thought a day is a great one. I am happy today about the mild winters we have in the South.


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