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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Something our President and the Bushies and lawyers need to read. Yoo would probably reinterpret it.

Julian Blue, you might want to print this out for your headstrong relative.
The article, not the blog. It isn't long.

International Information Programs (published by our own government)

Principles of Democracy - The Rule of Law

"A first step away from ...tyranny was ...the rule by law, including...that even a ruler is under the law and should rule by virtue of legal means. Democracies went further by establishing the rule of law...rule of law protects fundamental political, social and economic rights..."

*Rule of law means that no individual, President, or private citizen stands above the law.
*Under the rule of law, a system of strong, independent courts should have the power and authority, resources, and the prestige to hold government offficials, even top leaders, accountible to the nation's laws and regulations." Our Supreme Court has the power and authority, resources and prestige to do that, IF they have the WILL!

Right side bar: click on subjects for more info.
#15. Government accountibility, #17. Freedom of religion, others.


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