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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The future Governor of Alabama?

Sanctioned Judge Roy Moore, of Ten Commandments in the Courthouse fame, has thrown his white hood in the ring and is running for governor of Alabama.

When I was ranting about the Christian Reconstructionists a few months back, I'm pretty sure his name was there. If not, he's they type of bigot they would love.

Take a look at the article by clicking on the Post title.

Also, stupid country often selects the same topics for his/her blog as we do and today he posted on "aid and comfort". You can find the blog on our "rising and falling" blog roll. If you don't see it, go to the bottom of the page. I can see it, "worried" is having problems.

Another busy day for me but I'll try to get to my mail and see what I've missed.

Alito hearings going about as expected. Ted and Arlen are fighting, the Republicans are pontificating and making nominating speeches, and a couple of our people asked the right questions. They didn't receive much concrete in the way of answers. Some of it was funny. One of our Senators asked (rhetorically?) "Would any nominee ever say to the Committee that they would be unable to keep an open mind?" Those questions are fluff and another was of promoting their candidate in the guise of a serious inquiry. To quote "worried", fie and shame on them. To quote granny, a "pox" on all their houses.

I was wrong about Lindsay Graham. He's turning out to be the worst of the worst and I read this morning that he was part of a group that "coached" Judge Alito for his appearance. Can they really do that? I'll go back and read further; make sure I have that right. Like I said, busy day.

More later. Girls finally in bed and I can do some thinking if I don't fall asleep into my Salt & Vinegar chips.



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