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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Granny says I'm more anonymous than she is and that is true. Granny is much more extroverted and publically active than I am. I am old now, in poor health and somewhat handicapped so my wings have been cropped; I'm much a stay -at -home. In my younger years I was a bit active politically, wore out a few machines typing, mimeographing, and wore out shoes going door to door in communities, malls, etc.. passing out fliers. Husband complained that the phone was going to melt because I spent so much time on it.

In June of 2005 a cousin gave me a computer and opened a window to the world for me. Besides researching every topic imaginable for my own edification, I discovered the world of blogs and was hooked. I was (and still am) mostly a lurker but occasionally commented. Finally opened a few blogs of my own. Eventually Granny joined me on this Blog.

I know that our readers are Granny's friends and I am very appreciative of your interest and participation. I have a few readers who communicate via email but won't comment on the blog. I believe it is essential that people of like mind and concerns unite in purpose and support each other.

Every flood begins with a few raindrops and it appears that a flood is necessary to wash away the undesirables that have crept into our government and places of power. Every one of you who have joined us, every one we have joined, and everyone you can enlist to join you add to that flood. There are thousands of bloggers and writers out there who believe much as we do. We are not alone.

I wish I could comment on every one of our readers/commenters but it would make this post much too long. But please know that you are valued and appreciated: Drew You Too, Lin, Bohemian Troubadour (a very unusual wit), Julian Blue, Dimitri Alexander(likes quantum mechanics and saving freezing dogs from drowning), Progressive Traditionalist (excellent posts on Fascism), Tina (not at all fuzzy in her thinking), Virginia (great fiction), Dem Soldier (a young soldier in the ranks), David Cho, Lauren, Gaea Phoenix (I love the symbolism in her name), Gary, and JW. We welcome every one of you. If I have accidentally missed one of you, please accept my most abject apologies.

I am not as outgoing as Granny and I do tend to lurk instead of commenting, but I have checked out all your blogs and read your posts . Please don't think you're being ignored if I don't comment. I'm getting better about commenting; a little of Granny is rubbing off on me, I suppose.

Thank you, one and all.


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