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Saturday, January 07, 2006

And all the people said AMEN to worried

I don't get copies of the emails - worried and I really need to fix that little glitch. I can imagine though.

People of good will can disagree. I'm sure Worried and I might have a few differences although so far they haven't surfaced. From her response, I didn't sense a lot of good will in the email she received.

I'm another great-grandmother who remembers as far back as WW II although I was still a child when that ended. I have a son who until very recently was on the list for Iraq. He was called up from inactive Reserve years after his Army time (8 years) was over and was serving full time in the National Guard. He has a wife, 3 kids, 3 step-kids, and a little boy due in May. Until a month ago we were holding our breath waiting for him to tell us he was on his way. I've never been so grateful to a back injury in my life. He may need surgery but it still beats the alternative. His company has lost almost 10% (I think) of their soldiers with as many more wounded. They're National Guard, for crying out loud.

I was a quiet part of the Viet Nam protest and history has proven us right. I very reluctantly supported Kuwait and Afghanistan (which we seem to have forgotten). I can't support the invasion of a sovereign nation on a premise based on at the best, misinformation and at the worst, lies.

We are pouring billions down a sinkhole while children the world over are sick and starving. I've posted earlier about the problems besetting us domestically. We are creating far more insurgents than we can hope to destroy. Was it Rumsfeld who said "we go to war with the weapons we have"? I'm sure the insurgents think they're doing exactly that. That doesn't mean that I support the insurgents. However, we won a war back in the late 1700's against a superior military force by guerilla fighting tactics and zeal and many other nations have done the same.

Let Bush declare his glorious victory and get us out of there. If we keep going, we're going to drive Iraq straight into the arms of Iran with an ultra-religious leadership. The Pat Robertson of the mid-east in charge?

DeLay came on CNN while I was sitting here typing trying to tell about the wonderful job he had done. I turned off the t.v.

I'll probably be back. Meantime "worried", don't let the turkeys get you down.



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