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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Speaking of Fundys....

Whooee! That Future Was Yesterday calls the shots like he sees 'em! He don't pull any punches. You go gettum, Tiger!

He tagged me and the Old Woman for a meme about 10 random things about us. When reading the comments on HIS post of 10 random things, I saw that Old Woman had turned him on to an article about the Fundys. She's a Christian but she don't like the Fundys worth a crap so I don't know why she didn't post it. But The Future Was Yesterday did it better. You gotta read it! Be sure to watch the videos and send them to every Fundy follower you know.

Check it out!
  • The Future Was Yesterday; Fundie Sunday School

  • Gotta love that man!



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