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Monday, November 19, 2007

Heroic Conroe Fire Department Rescues Santa and Saves Christmas

All unkowing, children the world over may rest easy about Christmas with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, thanks to the heroic efforts of the Conroe Fire Department who rescued Santa Claus.

To view video of this event, click on the url below. Right click on tiny screen and when menu appears, click on full screen.

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If you have difficulty accessing the video, here is a recap of How the Conroe Fire Department Saved Santa:

The city of Conroe sponsored a Christmas event for children and invited Santa to attend. Santa parked his reindeer atop a building.
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Everyone knows that reindeer can fly but Santa can't, so Santa planned to rappel down the 30+ feet to the assembly of children below.

After an exciting program of magic tricks and dispensing of prizes, everyone began calling for Santa. Right on cue, Santa appeared on the rooftop and began to rappel down.

Then, horror of horrors, Santa began to have trouble. First, his hat flew off, then his magnificent beard became tangled in the rappelling equipment.

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Santa was trapped, hanging perilously over 30 feet in the air! He tried to free his beard and finally, in desperation began tearing off hands full of his beard. Children watched in terror as parts of his lovely white beard floated to the ground. Still unable to clear his beard from the mechanism, he tore off beard and wig. As they too floated to the ground and Santa was revealed barefaced and bareheaded, the children's distress crescendoed. Adults hastily ushered the little ones into the Center with the tale that the trapped man wasn't really Santa but merely a helper and he would be rescued.

Pieces of the tangled beard continued to clog the rappelling gear so a call went out to the Conroe Fire Department to come rescue Santa Claus. An ambulance was also dispatched in case a tragedy ensued. Firemen placed a high rise ladder against the building, a fireman ascended to help free Santa and assist his descent down the ladder.

Santa was saved and in short order appeared safe and sound in the Center, to the vast relief and delight of the children. An exciting and frightening evening came to a good end.

Santa was saved. Christmas was saved. Thanks to the Conroe Fire Department. As always, Fire Fighters are our heroes.

Click to view full size image

Conroe Fire Fighters on active duty.



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