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Saturday, May 19, 2007


A quick update on the state of affairs here so our readers will know that neither I nor Granny have abandoned them.

Granny is, as they say, doing as well as can be expected under the tragic circumstances. Her blog Rocrebelgranny gives her personal updates.

Gadfly is doing ok, still a bit under the weather and somewhat debilitated from all the tortuous tests to which she was subjected, but her fire is little diminished. Whenever the time comes that that one is called into "that good night" she will go down kicking and screaming, spitting fire and turning the air blue and purple. No graceful resignation for her! She is a fighter and a survivor.

If ANYONE has come across a conspiracy theory, the more outlandish the better, it would absolutely delight her if you would email the url to her. She loves the crazy things and takes a great deal of enjoyment and hilarity from them. Even the occasional credible ones.

I am doing ok. All the backing and forthing and unaccustomed activity has rather drained my strength and stamina and I find myself somewhat exhausted much of the time. In view of much of the personal life-doings at present, I simply cannot deal with politics at this time.

Daughter Jo is back from her holiday in Germany, back at work and busily plotting to return ASAP. Her shipment from Germany arrived just in time for Mother's Day. In addition to her much burbled about cuckoo clock, the shipment contained an exquisite music box she had purchased for me. See (a personal blog) for that bit of news on Worried's homefront. I adore the music box.

The proposed move to another nursing home for Mother failed; one is much like another, we find, no matter how nice it is and well reputed. Mother will be 98 in July. It would be a blessing to live so long IF she had managed to keep her mind. Otherwise it is a curse and a heartbreak for her family. Her grandson Robbie, an officer in the Navy, took her home with him on a pass for a huge Mother's Day celebration. Mother had some lucid moments and recognized some family members and seemingly enjoyed the day.

Daughter Wild Child is recuperating from yet another surgery and the M.D.s say they will soon begin her chemical therapy. She is doing well, sometimes depressed but mostly still her ebullient self. Other family members settled down at present except youngest daughter, Jeannie.

She awakened me this A.M. quite distressed. An old friend's ex-wife had recently died after a long bout with cancer; they were divorced but still kept up a close relationship. She was the mother of his 18 year old daughter, a pair of 7 year old twins and 2 grandchildren. He had been emotionally unstable for several months, extremely stressed and depressed. He called her at 3 A.M., weeping, and asked her to marry him and mother his twins. She declined his proposal very kindly, as they were merely friends with no romantic involvement. An hour later his boss called her and said her friend had blown his brains out. It was a shocking horror for her and imposed a terrible guilt upon her, thinking perhaps her refusal of marriage had been the final straw to push him over the edge.

I spent some time reassuring her that it was NOT her fault and attempting to assuage her feelings of guilt for his suicide and her grief at the loss of an old friend. I now must complete some home situations, drive the 40 miles to pick her up and take her to daughter Jo's to spend the day, a 66 mile run from her house to the country. Her fiance is out of town and it will be good for her to spend time in the bosom of her family instead of alone with her distress.

Personally, I am furious with her friend. I well understand the pressures of extreme despondency and sympathize with the man, but am angry that he would impose this further pain and grief upon his children and grandchildren, and leave his 7 year old twins now fatherless as well as motherless. HOW DARE HE!? I am so very very sorry for his family and those precious children.

Friends and readers, please bear with me, Granny and Gadfly for the present. We are strong old women, survivors, and we have weathered many of life's storms over the many decades of our lives. We will be back.


Granny said...
Yes, we will.I've finally begun reading a few news clippings and am planning to be back with a post by June 1 by the latest.I've been asked to post something about GLBT families on that day.I'm so sorry about all the trauma but glad Gadfly's doing a little better.
Sunday, May 20, 2007 7:32:00 AM
Worried said...
Thanks you, Granny. I am pleased that you are coping under trying circumstances. Take all the time you need.
Sunday, May 20, 2007 4:54:00 PM
Nvisiblewmn said...
Poor Jeannie! And those poor kids, to be let down so badly by the person they needed most....
Tuesday, May 22, 2007 8:17:00 AM



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