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Friday, November 10, 2006


I've read some gloom and doom articles, some virulent rants and raves by citizen Repubs and all prophesy the end of America or the World because of the Dem victory. My, my, as if the Repubs, Bush and the Neocons hadn't already given it a giant push downhill. WA ]

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World Falls Into Bolshevist Dark Age
By Frederick Meekins on Nov 10, 06

Coupled with the win of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, it seems with the Democratic victory that the world may be falling into a new Bolshevist Dark Age. [WA: I could not access the Dark Age link]

Some might argue the above characterization as a bit harsh, but it is entirely accurate.
According to article titled “Meet The New Speaker“, Speaker-apparent Nancy Pelosi has had ties to the Progressive Caucus in the House of Representatives.
At one time on the organization’s website were song lyrics reveling in the fact that when the Communist Revolution came, guns and knives would be used against the “Bourgeoisie”, a Marxist blanket term invoked to confiscate the property and savings of the middle class.

I hope those voting for the Democrats will enjoy the *higher taxes, the *swarms of immigrants pouring into their neighborhoods, the ***slaughter of innocent children in the name of ghoulish experimentation, and the* increased regulation of their private economic affairs (in other words, things will continue pretty much as they were before only at an accelerated rate).[ WA; Terrible prophecy !?]

We will have to wait and see if their hatred of Bush will outweigh their love of big government in relation to the Real ID Act and the North American Union, pet projects of the President but ones inimical to human liberty with which the Democrats don’t have much of a problem with.

Maybe if Republicans had acted like Republicans, they would have kept control of both houses of Congress.

But regardless of who’s in control, this country is headed down to the* trashpile of history anyway.
by Frederick Meekins
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