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Thursday, October 19, 2006

...Who Among Us...??

First, They Came For The Jews

In the past, our government realized that racism and xenophobia actually made our country less secure, not more. Check out this public service announcement from 1947 warning against the dangers of intolerance. Racism and xenophobia make us less safe and less secure. First they came for the Jews.....
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American Prison Camps Are on the Way
By Marjorie Cohn
Kellogg Brown & Root, a Halliburton subsidiary, is constructing a huge facility at an undisclosed location to hold tens of thousands of Bush's "unlawful enemy combatants." Americans are certain to be among them.

Documents Reveal Scope of U.S. Database on Antiwar Protests
Internal military documents released Thursday provided new details about the Defense Department’s collection of information on demonstrations nationwide last year by students, Quakers and others opposed to the Iraq war.

(Are bloggers and columnists on the list of dissenters? WA)


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