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Monday, October 16, 2006

From Cooper Monroe

It's late and I'm on my way to bed. (Great weekend by the way - if you're interested, I have two posts with pictures over on granny.)

While doing a fast check on my email, I came across this from Cooper Monroe.

I'm posting it here exactly as she sent it to me. It speaks for itself without further embellishment.

Thanks, Cooper.

Hi Ann!
Please share this if you can, it is very important.
In the last presidential election the largest block of non-voters was single women - 20 million of them. In a new, awesome PSA campaign (called, Remember Your First Time), some of the country's top actresses talk about their "first time," voting, that is. The point of the spots is to encourage single women who did not vote in past elections to vote on November 7th.
Watch the spots here:

I have a post up right now on Huffington Post about this campaign, created by WomensVoices, WomensVote and filmmaker Julie Bergman, that includes more information on the campaign and a link to these completely magnificent PSAs. Huffington Post will have a button on this subject for blogs and websites (I'll send when they are available if you are interested), and has buttons and banners too.


Cooper Munroe



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