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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

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The fundies are pushing hard as are the Repubs for this upcoming election to be won by their current cohorts in government. They have been working beneath the radar, establishing their foothold in government, for several decades and have become confident enough to come out in the open the last few years. THEY MUST NOT SUCCEED IN RUNNING OUR COUNTRY.

The controversy about abortion aside, do we really want to have contraception banned, so that the only means of birth control is abstinence? Or that the only preventative of STDs, including AIDS, is abstinence? Or that umarried non-virgins, homosexuals, rebellious sons be legally punished or put to death? That children be home schooled or schooled in state run schools according to fundie beliefs? That much of modern science be forbidden? That women be banished from public service and returned to the home, and men once again totally rule the women? That all peoples be forced to convert to their belief system or be legally punished or put to death? And this is just the tip of the iceberg of their beliefs.
They are entitled to their beliefs and their interpretations of the scriptures but they are NOT entitled to force them on the rest of the nation or the world.
Fie on them.
Addendum: Excerpt from DefCom. I haven't read this man's books but intend to. Sounds like an expose of the fundies from an insider. Might be worthwhile to check out his books. Also, check out the links, especially Soul Force.

In 1993, Rev. White ended a decades-long career as the ghostwriter for religious right leaders Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. Rev. White has since committed himself to confronting their hate-filled agenda, co-founding SoulForce - an organization fighting religion-based bigotry against gay and lesbian Americans - and writing books about the true agenda of these extremists. Based on White's first hand experience, Religion Gone Bad exposes the religious right's war on homosexuals and the crucial role it has played in their dramatic rise to power


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