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Friday, October 13, 2006

A Friend Has Asked for a Favor

Daniel at The Future Was Yesterday has a good friend and fairly new blogger whose son has been taken unexpectedly ill.

The prognosis is good so far but he'll be undergoing brain surgery shortly and his dad, Dave, is understandably quite worried.

Please drop over to Dave's blog and let him know people out here care and are sending their thoughts and/or prayers his way.


If the sky doesn't fall on my head, I'll be spending part of Saturday and Sunday with blogging friends in San Francisco (and without the kids). No driving, Amtrak runs almost through my back yard and I can take BART (light rail) almost to my friend's house. She'll pick me and a Salt Lake City friend up, we'll order Chinese, and have a great time.

I haven't been away from the kids overnight in at least 6 years (and then it was a funeral). Maybe I'll lose these blahs which have been affecting me lately.



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