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Sunday, October 01, 2006

America Sunk Low; US Citizen's Target for War on Terror; Citizens Dumb and Dumber

the Gadfly...

How did we sink so low in just 6 years? By Mike Whitney In a 253 to 168 “party-line” vote, the congress repealed habeas corpus and approved the torturing of prisoners in American custody. It is breathtaking assault on human rights and personal liberty and puts the United States well-outside the community of civilized nations.

===Twilight Struggle: Finally Standing Up as the Republic Crashes Down By Chris Floyd. Bush's "War on Terror" is coming to the Homeland, and its target is the American people. Bush and his handlers want to destroy the ability of anyone to oppose their hard-right – and overwhelmingly unpopular – agenda. It's the only way the Faction can maintain its domination – and avoid prosecution for its many crimes.

===Dumb and Dumber. By Sheila Samples It's difficult to determine who's dumb and dumber here -- the American people or our foolish president.


  • At Sunday, October 01, 2006 2:51:00 AM , Blogger The Future Was Yesterday said...

    Here comes my tinfoil hat again.:) Although no "major" evidence has surfaced, I firmly believe there are Corporate interests behind this. It is unreasonable imo, the way Bush kneels at the throne of Big Business, to think they're "hands off" everything. It is decidedly in the best interests of BB to have a captive and subservient workforce. If you look at the larger picture, our social and economic slide downward is heralded by Business as "being competitive", i.e. we are getting closer to matching the Business climate of poor nations with low wages, no benefits, and a completely dependent workforce. That is the definition of "competitive" now in Business.

    It's difficult to determine who's dumb and dumber here -- the American people or our foolish president.
    This has long been my soapbox, and I used to think "the dumb ones" were in the minority. I now believe they are a very large majority. Jon Stewart's show once took a survey. Over 95% could name every contestant on American Idol, fewer than 45% could name the last three Presidents!! My generation has had everything handed to them on a silver platter, we didn't have to fight any wars where the very existance of America was threatened, and we never had to pull ourselves up by our boot straps - somebody was always there to do it for us. We literally don't know how to fight for what's ours, and by the time we figure it out, it will be far, far too late.

    /Rant off.:)


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