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Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Letter to George

Dimitri at Cafe DA posted this on September 14 but it's the type of thing that will never be stale dated. I read it back then and probably should have linked to it at the time.

If you've read this post, you're aware that my dear friend and partner on this blog, Worried American, is quite ill. Gadfly has been doing what she can on both a personal and blogging level to help.

I told her this morning that one of my regrets is the distance between CA and TX. I wish I could be there for WA. We've been friends for almost a year now (my anniversary on my other blog was yesterday and I've known her almost that long). We great-grannies find each other somehow. I value her friendship more than I can say.

Gadfly has looked through WA's notes and archives for hints of her intentions and came across Dimitri's post. We both think it should be copied here.

We'll both do what we can to keep up over here until WA is back on her feet. Meantime, I'm sure she'll appreciate your thoughts or prayers and your good wishes for her recovery.

Thanks to all of you.


P. S. I've been intending to welcome Haider Droubi, a Syrian blogger. It's always good to hear from the international community.

And a note on the comments while I'm here. I read them all (they come to my email as well as WA's). I answer what seems to call for a response either in a personal email or in the blogger's own comment box. I don't usually respond to them here only because I worry that many people don't check back through old posts. However, that's just my own modus operandi, WA has always responded in our comment box.

Thanks to all who read and comment. We need to keep spreading the word.



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