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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bush Helps Attack His Own Church

G W Bush, Dick Cheney and I have one thing in common - our religious denomination. (Cheney was news to me, I knew about Bush). My church motto of "open hearts, open minds, open doors" must be stressed to the max.

However, I'm not writing to brag about my tie to our fearless leaders or my own faith except indirectly as it applies to the assault on our Bishops by one of their own.

Here is an excerpt from Ingrid's latest post on Blogger Round Table:

When President George W. Bush met with religious journalists in May of 2004, the religious authority he cited most often was not a fellow United Methodist or even another Protestant. It was a man the president affectionately calls "Father Richard." He is Catholic priest Richard John Neuhaus, who, the President explained, "helps me articulate these [religious] things" (Time, 2005). A senior administration official confirmed to Time magazine that Neuhaus "‘does have a fair amount of under-the-radar influence' on such policies as abortion, stem-cell research, cloning and the defense-of-marriage amendment" (Time, 2005).

Our Bishops came out against the war in Iraq before it ever started. In spite of a couple of bad decisions, we're fairly progressive; more so in some parts of the country than others.

I won't attempt to paraphrase all that Father Neuhas had to say about our Bishops. You can read it in all its ugliness from the link. And here is George Bush, hand in hand once again with a neo-con religious fanatic.

I don't know how he can say the word Christian (referring to himself) with a straight face but then lying through his teeth doesn't seem to bother him much.



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