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Monday, May 15, 2006

ACLU Challenges Ky. Funeral Protest Law

ACLU Challenges Ky. Funeral Protest Law

Representing a man who joins the Fred Phelps hate group, the ACLU challenges the Kentucky law that prohibits demonstrations at funerals. Most people are aware that Fred Phelps and his church congregants of relatives are virulently anti-homosexual and claims the deaths of US military members are God's punishment to Americans for tolerating gays. They demonstrate at military funerals with vulgar, hateful signs, shout and argue their views, create as great a disturbance as possible to garner attention . (see: ...scroll to bottom of page to enter site. Avoid videos unless you are ready for a disinfectant bath afterward.)

Fred and a number of his family members are lawyers. They argue the legality of their demonstrations on the grounds of right of free speech and right of assembly.

They are correct in that citizens have the right of free speech. But, according to the law, they do NOT have the right to disturb the peace, which their demonstrations do.

They are correct in that citizens have the right to peacefully assemble. The key word here is PEACEFUL, which their demonstrations are not.

They are a heartless, evil group who add immeasurable additional grief and anguish to the suffering of mourning families of slain military members.

To view a sample of their demonstrations, which Phelps calls "delectable epics" click on: funeral of a US soldier killed by an IED. Phelps avows he loves IEDs because they kill and maim so many of the military.

Let us hope that this is one suit the ACLU loses!!


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