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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Who pays attention to that crazy old coot? Rest assured that the crazy old coot has millions of supporters and wields tremendous influence in Washington and the White House.The source of the information I will list below is gleaned from the pre-election article of 2004 giving voters a comprehensive overview of important matters. It's a lo-o-ong article but much of it is pertinent today a year later. I will list the highlights pertaining to Robertson, the Christian Coalition, and Religious Right.

Congressional Evaluation Project Article.
In addition to information about our Congresspeople, the "project uses listings of non-profit organizations and lobbying groups..." one of which is: Christian Coalition of America, . founded in 1989 by Dr. Pat Robertson to "give Christians a voice in government." He has gained more than a voice for his brand of Christianity, he has developed great power in the government. It is possible that he is merely a tool to achieve a larger goal and therefore given free rein for the present.

Findings- as of Nov. 2004 ..."Polarization between parties within the two chambers is nearly complete with few if any moderates remaining to provide a swing vote. ...The influence of the Religious Right within the House is very strong." The following list the Religious Right's ratings of incumbents favorable to their agendas in 2004; I have no information concerning this date.

"ALL of the first term incumbent Republicans had high ratings from the Christian Coalition. This included 30 with 100% approval, 6 with ratings from 90 - 100%, 3 with ratings from 80 - 90%. No first term Republican had less than 80% approval.
"The fact that no first term incumbents in that party had lower ratings argues for a great deal of assistance from the Christian Coalition and neoConservative groups in the elections at the local and regional levels as well as the national..." Local, regional, and National? That's a lot of assistance and influence.
"This level of Christian Coalition approval does not extend as deeply among second term House Republicans. Only 8 second term Reps. had 100% approval, 12 were rated in the 90s, 4 in the 80s, another 4 were rated from 76% to 46%.
"Of twenty third term Reps. in Congress received 100% ratings, 3 in 90%, 4 in 80%, and 6 more were below that with the lowest being 61%.
"Fourth term House Republicans - 6 at 100%, 10 at 90% or above, 3 above 76%, ...the fact that they are still rated so closely in step with the Religious Right says a great deal about their steadfastness and priorities.
"Fifth term Republican Representatives and those who have been in the House longer repeat the more disturbing pattern."

Heading for a Theocratic, Fascist, Monarchy? That is some mix!! I don't know what title would be given to a hybrid like that. I do know that I don't want tomorrow's America to have a forced, State Religion a la Pat Robertson.I don't want it to live under a Fascist regime. Nor a Dictator cum King like it appears that Bush is striving for. Do you?

Then fight for what you believe in, for the future you want for yourself and your descendents, for America.


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