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Monday, January 09, 2006


I've been asked some questions. I will answer them as best as I'm able. If Granny has better ones or methods, she can offer advice. I think that she and I, as old war horses, forget that there are novices who have joined the ranks and are not familiar with the rules of engagement, strategy and weapons.

Q1. How do I....?
A. On many of Granny's posts, the title of the post is the link to the source of which she is posting, as opposed to the blue url links on mine. Scroll down to her post "Senate Judiciary Committee - Membership" and click on that title. It will bring up a page of all the members.

Click on the name of a member and his home page will come up. Somewhere on that home page his addresses, phone numbers, and faxes will be listed. If not, look for a "contact me" on the page and click on that. An email form will be posted also. Orin Hatch's "contact me" is in the bar at the head of his home page, for an example.

2.Q.My Senator isn't on the list so who do I write to?
A. Any or all. They need to know how the citizens feel about this.There's only 18 of them. Swamp 'em. Pass the email address around and get everyone you know to email them also.

Alito and President Bush have very powerful, influential people backing them and exerting influence on our representatives. To tip the scales in favor of the citizens, it takes a tremendous outcry from the constituencies.And even then it doesn't always work, but all we can do is try. HARD!


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